'Causality' Chapter

Hypertrends in the Wyrd

Causality is not so much a mechanical process of sequential progression, as much as it is the framework by which all event potentials find their eventual expression. It is the Great Mother of Taoist thinking. The first cause in all metaphysical thinking. The big bang in its potential to give rise to all current expressions of form and energy.

There is only the causal field. Everything that seems to be new in your life has the same root as the older events, because everything we perceive as occurring now is actually old news. Events form a casual mandala. One event nested in the context of all others. It doesn’t matter what event you think is the center of the universe, but this set of patterns cycles on itself. History seems to repeat itself and even re-mixes itself.

“Each of us can manifest the properties of a field of consciousness that transcends space, time, and linear causality.” Stanislav Grof

“Logic is a poor model of cause and effect.” Gregory Bateson

Process Of Origination

I find it helpful when discussing these things to start by asking for other peoples definitions of the topic. So, what my friends is causality? That which causes something? The “thing” that drives an event? Variables. A condition for something… Seek More

Causal Filter

The emphasis on causality focuses us away from ego and to our relationships. Indeed, and in fact, new research suggests that our very own minds are structured in such a way that they are by definition responsive to changes in… Seek More

Causal Dialogue

Let’s look at time. We say things like “that was then and this is now” when in fact there is no then and now. There is only the causal field. Everything that seems to be new in your life has… Seek More

Fictional Facts Of Life

People who dismiss empathy as a tool in any situation are going in blind? Exactly. Without both the voluntary nervous system to allow for our personal volition, and the mirroring nervous system to hand translations of our sensory feedback to… Seek More

Link To Causality

You say all things are happening at once, so temporal causality is an illusion. But the universe is homeostatic, so any event must be balanced out somewhere else. Am I missing something? Yes and no. As is usually the case… Seek More

Causal Mandala

The universe is a memory system. It has habits of behaviour. You are part of that universe. Just as you may have a habit of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the universe has the potential for that behaviour in… Seek More

Event Tides

Can anyone share an experience of a repetitive pattern in their life? Something we can’t stop doing? Or something that just seems to recur no matter what you do. Both work, but interpersonal. I keep having trouble with contaminants in… Seek More

Choice Making Center

The events that lead you to choose chocolate chip over peanut butter cookies are not confined to that. Something as simple as your preferred choice of cake or pie is a manifestation of how resources both grow and are consumed.… Seek More

Means And A Path

Last night I bought groceries and was putting them in the car when a man came up and asked for money. I wanted to help, but I didn’t have any and I remembered your story about giving the guy your… Seek More

Investigating the Universe

Causality is something neither denied nor well accepted by conventional scientific thinkers. Many are heavily invested in a world view where any apparent order is supposedly incidental. Science has not been able to refute causality though, nor causal integrity. The… Seek More