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We are not what we do, but what we do does in many ways stem from what we are.

Fictional Facts Of Life in Causality


People who dismiss empathy as a tool in any situation are going in blind? Exactly.

Without both the voluntary nervous system to allow for our personal volition, and the mirroring nervous system to hand translations of our sensory feedback to our frontal lobe both working in tandem, you could have no perception of reality at all. This is why really super logical people seem so out of touch. They neglect or even avoid the automatic data stream that comes to us on the gut level. More or less hide their head in the clouds of their own internal processes. How well do these brainy types do at causal projection? How often do they say “I didn’t know that would happen!” or “I didn’t mean to do that.” Do they seem free willed at all?

The reason this disconnect from reality happens is simple, and it has nothing to do with what people consider ignorance of reality. These hyper cerebral people are often just as aware of the facts of life as anyone else. This is why they can stay delusional for so long. The facts of life, as they are called, are for the most part fictional. The causal patterns I’m referring to don’t take being some super psychic to perceive. They don’t require any special metaphysical gifts at all. Though some might find tracking these things a bit easier than other people do and thus seem gifted or psychic.

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Am I the only one that has a basic need to categorize everything? No. I am by scientific definition a hyper categorizer. Being autistic, the problem doesn’t actually lay in categorizing or not categorizing. It’s in the standard of categorization.

People rely on intellectual abstraction. Based on a system of perceived agency they anthropomorphize the universe even while they try to avoid it. Everything for the normal thinker has to be intelligible. It has to be made translatable into language which means it has to be human. But we all have as the substance of our inner being (even just our flesh and blood if you don’t like metaphysical definitions) structures that are very far from human. In fact, the process that allows for simple every day events like gene switching would make us seem entirely inhuman if that one gene were projected out to all our other functions. You have had some caffeine so for a little while one gene is switched off. Your blood sugar has spiked too high so for a while a set of genes activate at the same time that normally shouldn’t.

Different parts taking on weird abilities like being able to regrow a finger? Yes, indeed. Administer a serum of the enzyme telomerase and you can at least partially reactivate processes that were previously for all functional purposes broken.

Is that not causality? That is a manifestation of causality, yes, but just the tip of the iceberg. The range of variance is so great that we can induce factors that should break reality and it will instead adapt. Nuclear radiation damages genetic code, but systematic application of the photo-repair effect corrects this.

I know it’s not in scope here, but that all comes down to resource hogging by both big government and big business. It always frustrates me when great ideas can’t come together because of a lack of marketability. It actually is in the scope, and it is why resource hogging will break. Because as I was saying earlier, reality is homeostatic, if not as fast as we might like.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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