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Evil intent differs from evil essence, and it is even addressed in the Bible. There is a poorly understood scripture, but it speaks against “fighting” evil people. If you fight them, it confines you to reacting to them.

Our Capacity to Access More in Causality

Hypertrends in the Wyrd

The most basic assumption of the dominant thinking on reality right now, that model which seeks to dispel all forms of magickal or intuitive thinking, is simply stated. There was nothing, and then there was something, the big bang. The very basis of their argument against magick, that you can’t create something out of nothing, that you can’t create change just by itself, that change must be grounded in physical laws as they observe them, is denied by their most fundamental assumption, the scientific creation story. That which they base all their physical and chemical and computational thinking on.

The centre of their wheel cannot hold, but that hole in their circle of thinking can be gazed through. The turtle beneath the world disk can be watched and learned from. It’s expressed not as objects, but as subjects, dynamics. Information theory might come close. We may learn more about it as quantum computing advances which will be coupled with our rapidly progressing understanding of the principles of nano-engineering. More and more their so called discoveries in that field just mirror what nature was already doing. They just learn to synthesis the naturally occurring. What has to be thrown out is the break in the circuit, the idea that things must be broken down to be accessed, understood and influenced. We didn’t have to understand animal brains to understand animal behaviour well enough to turn many of those species to our own ends, our own benefits, even to dictate their basic genetic traits. We did it holistically, intuitively.

We have the capacity to access much more information that anyone is currently willing to acknowledge. There is even a neuroscientist promoting the controversial notion that the savant phenomenon (especially acquired savantism) reflects not a fluke or accident of brain function or a deficit that presents nothing more than an interesting quirk. He believes that with their brain changes, they are unblocking a naturally occurring and potentially universal channel of information access, something that functions on a hard wired and inherited level, a collective species memory accessing things anyone has learned previously. Everything that was ever encoded in the collective genetic pool.

A less questioned view now, one that is readily accepted, is that our brains encode long term memory through creating prions, little self perpetuating protein strains. So though they aren’t drawing that connection, it seems to lend more substance to the privileged access theory. The privilege of editing is over exercised by humanity, blindly exercised. They lack understanding enough to provide a guided context to exercise editing in a way that preserves and enhances universal information.

Editing their own memory? They edit the universal memory, all energy / information. They even seek to impair that process as it occurs in their own brains; self medication, psychic self mutilation, profound personal denial. See the connection?

So, as far as coincidence is concerned, and we may need to do a second class just to give this topic a proper treatment, coincidence as people seem determined to call it does seem disjointed. Disjointed coincidence reflects the fractured social consciousness and perpetuates the decline of the populations collective mental health. When energy is too reactive you get too much waste heat. Too much catalyst leaves you with an inadequate chemical product if it leaves any of the sought after product at all.

Not seeing connections causes us to lose our mental connections? Yes, losing the forest for the trees, losing the meaning for the moment, for the sensation, for the lols. We have been griefing ourselves from an effort to deny grief, resist change, force the world to change, because supposedly the world is an object that can be changed. Everyone uses too much catalyst, too much vigilance, too much attention, too little reception, too much decryption, which just becomes encryption, denial. The most deluded person is the person making the greatest effort to figure everything out.

The universe presents us with a message, and we insist, “No no, there can’t be language here. What is this nonsense? B… e… a… w… a… k… e… What the hell could that mean? Obviously nothing, so let’s just make something up. No body will notice.” And it’s true, nobody notices. Everyone agrees not to notice, buys in to the language, the objects, the objectified world, which even science is having to backpedal from, but as usual people are resisting that. They like the idea of personal privilege. Those who decry the concept of individual entitlement are those who demand the greatest measure of entitlement!

It is deeply out of touch with reality to insist on believing in an objectified world, and objectified people, and objectified meaning. In seeking a point to everything what we have done is to put our own eyes out, playing with sharp objects, misuse of the human brain. We haven’t had enough sense not to run with Occam’s razor.

Unfortunately, it seems this was mostly background, but if it caught interest we can cover “Event structure and the corruption of coincidence” in the future.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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