We have a root too, my friend. The mandala of the soul has a center.

Home Fu in Meditation

Creative Meditation

So shall we describe the ultimate creative meditation?

With each activity undertaken mindfully, with growing depth of experience in this mindful activity, new associations can be formed. If you combine mindful cooking with mindful cleaning and household upkeep, you will arrive at a way of being at home. This way can come to be like a martial art, a spiritual path in which, rather than fighting with some collection of tasks, you just grow into a greater and greater experience of self and the life you are living through the way of home-fu. As silly as it sounds, I mean it.

Kung-fu just means human development, and you can create a kung-fu of any meaningful activity, any life style that supports full engagement, deep spiritual self expression and flow. You can pursue the way of the book or the way of motorcycle maintenance. It isn’t just cute. It’s a real and viable experience, and where else does creativity come from? Is there another source?

I find that creativity is expanded through various experiences.

Zen archers never try to hit their target, ever, yet they become very, very accurate, and the practice has had useful application. Can you really have the experience if you spend the entire experience analyzing the experience?

That’s sort of how I watch movies and TV shows, rewind, slow mo, close captioning…what did he say?

Zen painting makes no effort to actually paint it’s subject, they just move with the moment of observation. Many argue they do a better job of capturing the spirit or reality of the subject than an actual portrait would.

Sounds like expressionism or impressionism. Without the stylistic goal, yes. No effort to adopt any affectation, special colour pallet or anything, just black ink.

My paintings tend to look impressionistic. It is a deep form of art.

So any questions about creative meditation? Have I covered it adequately? Is meditation seeming any more useful on a day to day basis? I think people struggle with it because they don’t see how they could invest in it. Once they do, it’s effortless.

I will try to put myself in that mindset to overcome apathy. Indeed, good plan.

Namaste and blessed be. Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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