'Meditation' Chapter

Creative Meditation

Mediation is a rather foundational practice for getting to know the mind. And by mind I mean the whole thing, including the environment it arises in.

Meditation can also be an invaluable guide in seeing, and allowing informed choices about your life’s manifestation. In meditation there can be silence, and yet revelation occurs. The original students of Christ speak of going into silence. Which funny how that gets ignored by orthodox Christianity, and yet the church would paint a picture of the apostles lecturing and praying and doing nothing else. I suspect their prayer practices differed. They were likely more akin to mantra meditation or recitation of the sutras than modern ‘please god to do them favours‘.

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.” Buddha

Meditation Practice

How often should we practice meditation? When you feel a lack of peace, return to center. When mind controls you, return to center. When you don’t know what you feel or what to do, return to center. How often are… Seek More

What is Meditation?

What exactly is meditation? There are many definitions. Meditation isn’t an action. That is the tricky thing. Meditation is a settling. A disengagement from action. The techniques are for stilling the mind. We seek to meditate not so much to… Seek More

A Look at Morality

I have been accused of being amoral because I can view action in that way, mine and others. But if you judge, can you also be compassionate? Mercy matters, but can you show mercy if your actions or those of… Seek More

Relationship with Religion

Can people have a healthy relationship with religion? Yes, they can. The word religion comes from the latin word “religio” meaning a body of practices. Religion is like meditation. It’s the social aspect of factionalism. It is false identification (to… Seek More

Your Life

Meditation is not something you can achieve. Meditation is when you sit and allow yourself to be where you are, and maybe not do anything in that moment. Even if your mind is spinning, just realizing that your mind is… Seek More

Do You Know Yourself?

I don’t mean for today to be an introductory talk on meditation. I have already done that work before. I hope to get to the essence of the meditative practice and experience. Is everyone already familiar with meditation in one… Seek More

We Are Meant to be Active Components

How do you know when you are thinking? To know that you are thinking there has to be a you and then there has to be thinking, something the you does. If thinking is something the you does, then it shouldn’t… Seek More

You Are The World

How much of your life seems autonomous? How much of your life experience seems to happen on it’s own? A lot more than I previously thought. Science would say it all does. It’s a very popular view in the mainstream scientific… Seek More

You Experience You

What things become associated with what other things has nothing to do with those supposedly independent things. There are no independent things. Even you are not an independent thing. What gets associated with the next thing depends on your personal… Seek More

Striking the Target of your Brain

Attention is like breathing. If you want to understand the landscape, get to know it better before you try something purposeful, then watch what it does on it’s own. Watch where your thoughts and feelings go on their own. If… Seek More