A day consists of not only new tasks, but of new thoughts and perceptions.

Your Life in Meditation


Meditation is not something you can achieve. Meditation is when you sit and allow yourself to be where you are, and maybe not do anything in that moment. Even if your mind is spinning, just realizing that your mind is spinning. That is meditation. You did meditate.

The experience of being where you are, and how you are in any given moment, may change. As your experience and awareness of that deepens, then you might see some of what you read about, but those aren’t goals, just description. Meditation can be described simply as having a sense of internal and external place, and allowing that to be.

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Meditation is the swiss army knife for emotional/mental/spiritual work. It’s like a swiss army knife that you don’t have to use, one that you are. It’s just realizing that you are. That the answers are in you, and are in you because you aren’t separated from the world.

When we say ‘Namaste’, or ‘Blessed be’ for that matter, or ‘God be with you’, we should really think on these things. Your life is your life, but your life doesn’t come from you. It is just your life. It fills you and originates from the greater life that we all share. What I have is mine, but it is there for everyone. I can share like this and maybe it will help, but the real point is to get it for yourself. Even the Bible says in all your getting, get wisdom. Stuff is fine as long as it doesn’t distract.

Maya is your worst enemy, a horrible demoness. Maya is your greatest friend, the most beneficent Goddess. Both are true. Illusion isn’t the enemy. Illusion is just a mirror. The only confusion is in you. You aren’t in the action enough. You think you do a thing, and you supposedly do it wrong. But you do it and expect to find the infinite self in it. There is no doing it wrong. There is the mistaken notion that what you do is something that you can evaluate.

Here is a dirty little secret…You can’t avoid affecting others, and the effect you have on others is often warped by the fact that your heart isn’t in what you do. You half do, so things get all out of balance.

How does one reach the state of actually seeing Maya? You always see Maya. It’s knowing Maya’s intention, the shade of Maya. What veil does she wear and how is Maya being Brahma now? How is she hiding herself? The ultimate secret is realizing that she isn’t hiding anything. That this moment is just the one fact of the infinite that you see right now.

I went deep into metaphor there. Did it make sense?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insight on “Your Life”

  1. Adonis Alexander

    Through knowledge, man has formulated his own idea of meditation. But, we must question such a thing if it has meaning. That which the mind puts together cannot be of the real. It is man-made invention.

    So, you must ask yourself is there truly a meditation that is not touched by the hands and mind of man? Something that is truly sacred, holy and untouched?

    Spiritual meditation, which is not a thing of the mind, comes of its own without the slightest provocation on your part. In fact, it is the absence of you. You cannot bring this sacredness into your life. It comes without effort.

    When at once you are fully-realized, you will have no need of any master, teacher or messiah. Through spiritual meditation comes self-knowledge which awakens you to the divine.

    I am certain that man, any man or woman can walk through the door of eternity and discover the truth for himself. There is no need of a blueprint for him to follow. No path to truth can be laid out by another for others to follow.

    This fact must be realized for oneself. While you are alive, one must die of this finite life so that the seeing of the infinite is realized within.

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