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My prize is in seeing.

Way of Death in Place


There is a way of death. There is a way of being out of harmony with death. In this ‘now’, man has forgotten this way. Fear of death is not the way of death. In my own spirituality, the way of death is a cornerstone. Only new cycles. The left hand path of the cycle, or the right. Mirror images that are both parts of the whole. There is no destruction to fear. Destruction is a human illusion, but there is a way of ending. The mirror image of a way of beginning. It can be said that you only truly know the weight of a life when it ends.

Even if things endure there are little endings. If you know love, there will be many little endings. Stages that resolve, even if it’s just moods passing into each other.

If my path is the way of death and the way of endings, it does not put me in opposition to those whose path is the way of life and creation. If anything, it’s just a sense of my place. Meaning I permit myself to take a complimentary role. I can knowingly and deliberately act to further the greater way.

Example, if you find yourself stuck in some phase of your life, does it help much to go to someone who can only tell you to stick with it? Many people just say stick with it and everything will be alright. This often comforts the other person more then you. Sometimes, isn’t it more helpful if some one could help you know clearly that something has ended? Help you transition to a new thing? It often doesn’t comfort me much, but it is my gift.

So when you see a “dark” person, remember that it might just be someone who has found their place. Might have been very hard for them. And remember perhaps that they are your brothers and sisters on the path. Often they may have seen what lies ahead of you, because they came from that way and are heading somewhere you have already been, and maybe you can help each other.

‘Namaste’ is a good concept, but I think people don’t really think about it when they say it. I honour you in the place where you are. Roughly paraphrased that is what it means. It is often accompanied by a hand posture of “self containment.” It is saying that you have a place, and in this moment your place is with me now. I welcome you and am with you now.

Your thoughts are welcome. Namaste.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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