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If you believe you exist because of what you do, then every moment you are unrealized.

Spirit of Place in Place


There is spirit everywhere. Spirit is being. If it exists, there is spirit behind it. If it has action, there is spirit behind that behaviour.

Each eco-system has its own spirit. Individual sections of an eco-system can have recognizable spirits separate from the larger.

I don’t believe in good and bad spirit. Just harmonious state and conflicted state. I don’t believe that everything is light. I think what we call light and dark are complimentary forces that merge in a greater spirit. To call light and dark, good and bad, is to degenerate into ego.

What do the good know, but what the evil teach them? Are these absolute states of good and evil real? Nature doesn’t seem to support absolutes. When we go to extremes, either our own nature brings us back to center, or supposedly external nature will. It is all about balance.

Regrettably, there are places in nature where it does not welcome us, and those are growing due to human abuses. In theory, man should be able to go anywhere and be at oneness. Humanity as a mass is not balanced, and thus more and more of nature is resisting human presence. Humanity as a species is not in harmony. You can build in a way that acknowledges the “Te” or virtue of the place. You can build in harmony with the way of the place where you build.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Adonis Alexander

    Is there a way to free your mind so you may discover your purpose in life? Without freedom, there is no spiritual joy within you. There is no seeing the beauty of this existence as long as you are not clear within.

    Perhaps, when this spiritual ecstasy awakens within you, there is this bliss in seeing life, holistically.

    From within, you may watch the beauty of the glorious sun lighting the sky in various colors coming up over the horizon in all its wondrous light.

    You may feel this elation of peace filling your whole being. In this moment, there is no sorrow. The mind as ego is not there.

    To live from moment to moment is to be free of time and sorrow. It is the art of living in the here and now. In the present moment, time cannot enter. The present moment is sacred ground.

    Out of ignorance, the mind as thought cast its illusion that it can come into the present. But, the mind that is quiet discovers thought cannot escape the past. Through ignorance of not seeing this truth, you are held in its darkness.

    To be conscious is to live in the denial of reality. To be conscious is truly detrimental to your well-being.

    Love awakens in you, when you are not conscious of yourself. There is beauty when the conscious mind dies of itself. There is freedom. Do you not see there is joy when you are not consciously present?

    As long as the mind as conscious thought is in the picture, there is conflict. There is the lack of clarity. There is spiritual harmony within you, when the conscious thinker vanquishes.

    When you are not psychologically controlling life, harmony awakens within you. Then, you understand what it means to live in the eternal moment.

    So, in awareness there is no thinker or experiencer to experience anything. There is just life. There is no one living in the moment. There is no entity within you to experience the living present.

    The beauty of it is that the mind as ego with all its hurts, pains, and sorrows is not there. Because, you are not there. Therefore, the timeless takes you away. When you are not, problems are not present. Do you not see the intelligence in understanding all this?

    In conclusion, there is eternal happiness in life when you begin to realize it for yourself. This living blissfulness cannot be captured because nothing can enter its sacred ground of reality.

    To realize this, you must die to the ego, psychologically. And, when the ego has vanquished perhaps that realization, which is beyond the mind will awaken within you.

    The understanding of this is like watching the immensity of a bright, orange sunlight across the vast blue ocean setting beneath the distant horizon.

    In seeing this, you may feel so intense within it is breathtaking. Then, you may realize, your purpose in life is simply to live in exquisite peace and joy.

    Why are we not interested in living in spiritual reality now?

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