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If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

Our Connection to Place in Place


If we saw our own connection to our place, even as we move from place to place in a solidly experiential way, that might change things. Realizing that everything is you and you are everything. Part of sense of place is that realization. You can’t say self knowledge is complete without it, and the relationship you have with others is the reflection of the relationship with yourself. If you see yourself as lovable you can truely love. If you see your own life as worth living then you see value in all life. As they say, to everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven, and we usually have timing issues because we refuse to move with the rhythm of life.

Taoism is simply a philosophy and spirituality based on the perception of the natural order, a natural way. Not a human way. Not a new world order. More of the very old world order. The way that preceded any invention of man. Very in touch with nature, or realising that you are already are, and knowing place.

Honouring the place where you meditate is a very powerful insight. Do you notice the sections of your room? What can they teach you about yourself? Have you noticed how you feel about the room can change a lot? Energy builds when meditation is repeated in a single place. It can even make it easier to meditate. Builds in the sense of place within you, and you might begin to realize that the sense of place and the sense of your personal state are the same thing.

There is a saying, before enlightenment chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment chop wood and carry water. In time you come to understand that enlightenment and works, enlightenment and place, enlightenment and actions of any kind, are not separate things. When you see that place and state are one, then what to do at any given time in life gets a lot less hazy.

An example, when I go to a particular place where I share with others I am open hearted. Have come to share and I allow myself to be there for as long as I need to. Sometimes as long as I can. When situations change I move on in place and state. When should one end an activity? When state changes. If my state of being changes so that I am no longer in this spiritual place, if I reject that change of state, my efforts become lost, intention becomes hazy. When thinking of ‘state’, think more holistically then state of mind. Can you have a state of mind that isn’t effected by emotion? Or an emotion that isn’t effected by physical condition?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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