Feeling you have to do what you can’t, prevents you from doing what you can.

Accept Connection in Wonder


Those who will accept no connection will show power with nothing. Those who will embrace no definitions will recognize the worth of no other thing and fail to recognize what any other person has to offer.

“Know yourself.” Yes, and in knowing yourself you will know others as well, and possibly better than they know themselves. I have met people who forever wanted to sing to me. Their words were always poetic and full of deep seated emotion, but they didn’t realize that they were singing.

I guess wonder about self is the one wonder we all should have? Yes. Be the baby who discovers their thumb. Ever notice how wide their eyes get? Be the baby who first discovers there is such a thing as both a blue rattle and a yellow rattle. They linger for a moment, but do they ever fail to make a choice?

I love that scene from “Look Who’s Talking” when the baby discovers being a boy. That was a cute movie, and yes, we don’t originally understand our gender, but we do have it.

They might learn their favourite colour is either yellow or blue. We have things “engendered” in our soul. We might be surprised when we discover the affinity. When we discover out connection to that. But we must first accept the connection before we can make any sort of sound decision about it. I didn’t know I found porn disgusting until in the natural progress of my boyhood I indulged in wonder about my gender. I have no gender confusion, but I am a man who does not like porn. Ready for a paradox?

You don’t like beer either? I hate beer, but that is not the paradox. Though I do not like porn, I find the images that trigger people to be interested, fascinating. Why they like some porn and not others. So I do have an affinity for the eroticism that people try to satisfy through porn.

And like the posters we see in the mall of the “pretty” people. They are horrible, really offensive.

Honestly, we’re all being fed a type of porn walking through a mall. Yes. I find myself sometimes morbidly fascinated. Being what I am, I have an absurd eye for detail. They never edit it all out, and the contrast just makes the image all the more disgusting, like trying to be attracted to a stillborn fetus.

Like when they try and make a cell phone tower look like a tree, yet you can tell from miles away that it still sticks out like a sore thumb. Indeed. I fully understand the term eye sore.

No bird would be caught dead living in there. They would be caught dead if they would actually live in there, but they are wiser than that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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