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What loneliness stems from is an error in the development of a sense of identity.

Walk With Both Feet in Wonder

I think it would be helpful to talk a bit about affinities. The things we have rapport with, then wrap up on wonder.

You want an example of an affinity? Yes. A personal one. You know your affinity by the people or things you have rapport with.

Interactive 3D art, like Second Life.


Art mirroring life mirroring art. You just differ in your medium of art, but both require a creative framing of concepts.

With your affinity in mind, visualize this. Your capacity for wonder is your long sword. It sweeps your life experience in front of you, broadens your range, gives you more space to make choices in. Your capacity to feel connected, your affinity, deepens your experience, fills your inner reserves, gives you the strength to catch your breath even when you hit a hitch in the road. It is good to be of broad mind, of wide interest, vigilant and aware of the world, but also center on your sense of self which comes from your inner nature. Your connection to the world not as a whole, but the little parts that feed your own spirit. By doing no big thing, your life will be left with nothing undone. No hole in your life will be left unfilled. No part of you left unfulfilled. First wonder, then connect. First wonder, then identify. Wonder, then engage. Walk with both feet.

I’ll be Wonder Woman. If that helps. Many women are attracted to conflict even though society discourages it.

I’ll dress up too. You can choose to dress up, but know that you are choosing the complications that go with going about in popular costume as well. Perhaps wonder how you might embrace the costume without triggering an undesired response.

Except at conventions. At a convention you are just getting into the spirit of the thing, but it can be empowering to wear a super hero symbol somewhere on your person, or to put one somewhere on your vehicle, or to carry some token that suggests your feeling of connection with that character.

Like a religious symbol. The Superman “S” might even have more meaning for you than a religious symbol.

I have a Canucks flag on the car. Yes. Your sports team affiliation works.

We dramatize things because we need to, gives it clarity, and can often yield insights and creative ideas we wouldn’t get if we kept it tame.

I think when people wear their symbol of faith, they see themselves as a superhero for their team. They do entertain notions of the symbols power, but I can show an example of a modern symbol and how its power might affect you.

I have a Cthulhu “fish” symbol on my car. I also have one, but converted to a fridge magnet. I like that symbol. Cthulu is an alien being said to be older than humanity. A nearly Buddha like being that has no compassion for humanity what so ever, and yes he lives with Sponge Bob, and he is ready.

Shall we discuss the power of the cuthulu fish? If you bear the cuthulu fish, you tend to entertain the absurd because you are willing to think the unthinkable. You begin to see the absurd more and more. The more you open yourself to the chuthulu fish, the more of this absurd perception you engage in. The more it affects your thinking, and you begin to make choices based on insights you got from not taking things in the so called sane way. This can lead to really weird outcomes, some very beneficial if you don’t get too frightened. But eventually the logic gets too twisted, and you have to come back down if only for a while. So you go back and forth between the influence of the cuthulu fish and just having a crabby patty.

Dr Who is a good symbol for taking the absurd and making choices from it. Indeed.

I think the spaghetti monster has a similar meaning? Yes.

Same with Alice In Wonderland. They are all very powerful. But one symbol might hold more power for you personally than another. Men tend not to identify easily with Alice.

To worship the Old Ones makes you go insane. Yes. It’s what happened to Picasso. He sought insight into the world that went beyond the superficialities of realism, and he found it. It’s not that the strange beings won’t give you what you want, the problem is that they will.

Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened unto you. You seek with your wonder. You knock with your affinity. I haven’t yet found the knocker, but I suspect I am close.

The knocker to what? The knocker to my own power. My own potential in this world. But I will keep looking.

I don’t think I have knockers. No. You have a chest, or so they say, but you do have your arts. You likely knock regularly, whether you feel ownership or not is another matter entirely.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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