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Simple truth, there is no such thing as absolute change. In any change that occurs in your life something always endures.

Knowledge Or Detection in Magick


What experience do you have with stealth?

Hiding? I guess I played hide and seek when I was young, and capture the flag.

I’ve discovered a cat is a good teacher, or perhaps a teacher at bad stealth. Daemon, our cat, is yes. He looks really intent. It’s obvious he thinks he has cover, and you can see him clear across the room. But it’s good, pets shouldn’t be good at stealth, not unless their owner is abusive or they have to live semi-wild, neither of which apply in the ideal case.

I think I hide from the world often. Actually, we will go into that. What is stealth?

Avoiding detection. Exactly.

Magick has two root facets, knowledge or detection, and concealing knowledge and avoiding detection. In fact, just these two things can be enough to reshape the world by themselves.

The unseen element of the world is hidden right under our metaphorical noses. Much of what we can sense is lost in the process of sensing anything at all. They call the habits of screening that remove details from our awareness, perceptual filters. Your life experience keys your brain to look for some things over others, disregard common things because they don’t have the weight of experience that other signals do, and last but not the least powerful, powerfully held beliefs and emotions screen our observation of the world even without our being in touch with the frame of mind we think they originate from.

So to avoid detection, make your actions seem like something very common? That is part of it yes, but not quite that simple as what one person sees as common is perceived as notable by another. Just as our visual focus can be involuntarily lead to follow a rapidly moving object in our environment, the inner attention can be controlled by other peoples actions, and I don’t mean slight of hand. They can pull your belief system over your eyes if they know how.

I think many politicians do that to religious people. But it goes way back to ancient tribal cultures. They say knowledge is power, so control or concealment of knowledge is controlling power.

Talk about those hot button topics, so they don’t notice what they are really doing. Hiking taxes or getting permission to ignore due process of law.

Yes. Controlling knowledge is done by organizations often, government, church, corporations. Indeed.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. kiko whitney

    access to information can mean someone was “there when it happened”…or “in that whereabouts when it happened” or “have heard from someone in that whereabouts when it happened” or “have heard it from someone who has heard from someone in that whereabouts when it happened”. how close or how far one is to the event is crucial. in that distance lies possible control of information. sometimes there is no event to begin with, but there is the information! magic!

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