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From the stillness all things arise in their perfected forms. What causes things to degrade is an accumulated static. Noise kills.

Relationship with Religion in Meditation


Can people have a healthy relationship with religion? Yes, they can. The word religion comes from the latin word “religio” meaning a body of practices. Religion is like meditation. It’s the social aspect of factionalism. It is false identification (to use a Buddhist concept) that is toxic.

The interfaith movements are a powerful force for peace. Perhaps our best hope. We can say a path is ours without reviling the path of our neighbour and if you reflect deeply on most religious doctrine, the hate of other faiths isn’t actually endorsed. It arises when we say “I am Christian” or “I am not Christian”. They endorse loving your neighbour, the other, the one not you or of your family, or of your nation.

Hinduism has a valuable insight with its yogas. The ages, the cycle of Hindu aeons, says we are entering a golden age but we don’t just enter it. It comes as we let go of the previous age, which was the dark age, the Kali Yuga. The age of putting matter first.

We are beginning to see the flaws in the thinking of the previous age, but I fear only unrest will make most release the old attachments and unrest is brewing. It is also the time to be very aware of the power of the dark forces around, and we are. Regrettably, it feeds fear. Unrest abounds, as does the possibility of connection. As day passes night comes. This cycle isn’t evil. In long eras of night, the coming dawn is fearful. The moon has been associated with madness. In the Egyptian mythos so has the sun.

The energy of Gaia is changing to balance it with the universe. Despite us, if not with us. We are as children yet, but ego tells us we are otherwise. To those who say they work in the “light” … those who work in light have their brethren in shadow, friends. What if there is no enemy anywhere? What if the only opposition is in us? That “I” that must have its way in everything?

Example. There is much criticism of eros in life, perhaps that is because most never truly lose themselves in it? They satisfy themselves and thus debase a sacred facet of life? Your focus does determine your reality. Why do we not claim that power? Why even now does our focus go to where we are told it should? Has it been proven good for us?

Regrettably we fear the “unknown”, but do we even know what we “know”? It seems so much suffering comes from clinging to the corpse of an old communal thinking. Much disease stems from loving this living death. Why don’t we fear this? I myself fear it. In fear I mean I see the danger, not that I let it rule me. We can fear without being fear. Fear gains power when it becomes identity.

We guard against any harm. What we fear will be harm. Any pain. We guard against experience for the notion it may “hurt” us. Who can avoid it? And if we can, then why live in that self created gulag? In seeking liberation, don’t forget your concepts of liberation. Your definitions of liberation may be quite limiting.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Your Insight on “Relationship with Religion”

  1. Michelle

    I am a child. I used to know many things. I know what I know now. I am learning. I am a restless soul in need of a platform on which to rest. Maybe this platform is the old communal thinking you speak of.
    I was raised in the Christian faith. I discovered things about myself that didn’t seem to fit that belief structure. After a time of confusion I found other religions. I am familiar with several religions.
    I feel I have a mixture of some of these faiths. Is that interfaith? It’s faith without a home, or a guide.
    I feel like if I went to a Christian church, and said, “I have these wonderful powers to…” Next thing I know, I’m somewhere handling snakes and speaking in tongues. That’s really not what I was looking for… I also need someone to teach me how to use my powers. I’m sure the Pagan community would embrace a Christian?
    I could do the work I need to do alone. I believe we all have the answers to everything within ourselves. Still, why try to reinvent the wheel, if there are guides out there who have traveled that path?
    I am embarking on this journey. I am not afraid.
    Maybe I am stuck in the old communal thinking. I do wish there were people with which I could share my ideas, and gain strength, support, knowledge and possibly guidance from… Oh yea. It’s called the internet now 😉

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