The alienation of sudden death tends to warp the mind of the recently departed. The desire for the life they lost is heartbreaking, maddening even.

Perception of Disconnection in Envy


Envy is a pervasive force in the modern mind, and it has always been possible in human reckoning. Many human behaviours stem from envy though the connection is often denied. It is sort of like the animal pecking order, but without the acceptance. When you envy something you always disempower yourself.  It’s a perception of disconnection.

Admiration is the positive kind of envy? Yes, admiration is recognizing the virtue in a person or thing, and being at peace with it being in the world, but outside of your possession. An artist is often strongly inclined to admiration of parts of life, seeing beauty and meaning in things. Envy is art turned to materialism, debased perception of virtue, and a failure to recognize connection in the world. It’s warned against in Buddhism. They often say “you are the Buddha”, because many believe that they have no connection to the states spoke of, and can have no connection. The assertion that you have no connection to something flies in the face of literally every mystical or magical tradition on this whole planet.

I have heard many people speak with envy about those with spiritual belief. By doing so they appear to say that they can’t have it. As you say, they are disconnected and reinforce the disconnection. Yes. This is a disservice both to the believing soul, and the envying one, and they invalidate the view of the one they envy. You will see as much worth and meaning in the world as you see in yourself. Envy denies the law of sympathy that like affects like. Even outside of metaphysical and spiritual circles the law of sympathy has been observed. It’s considered common sense, like the saying, “You will rise or fall to the level of the company you keep.”

I’m remembering how I feel when someone has envied me. It was invalidating, like I just had it by chance. Yes, and denies that there was a way to do it, or be it.

Admiration gives place. When your attention is drawn to something, it’s a manifestation of the law of sympathy. When your attention is drawn to something, and you respond to it with envy, you slam up a wall against what is naturally a nurturing supportive force. You need envy nothing, and whatever you admire feel free to give your attention to. The more admiration fills you, the more you attune to these admirable things. Admiration is embracing the connection.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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