'Envy' Chapter


Where ever you go there you are. Envy and jealousy are you, or not. You have a lot of power over your own life, and it comes from a very simple realization. Want to change your life? Change your mind. The world is yours when you don’t see everything as a possession. The person you envy, you set apart from you. If you admire something, you admire it because it’s in you too. Next time you have a desire don’t judge it, and don’t envy someone else who pursues that same desire. Just accept you have it, and act on it or don’t.

“Envy shoots at others and wounds itself” English Proverb

“Keep yourselves far from envy; it eateth up and taketh away good actions, like as fire eateth up and burneth wood” Muhammad (Religious leader, prophet of Islam)

“Envy is an insult to oneself.” Yevgeny Yevtushenko (Russian Poet, b.1933)

Perception of Disconnection

Envy is a pervasive force in the modern mind, and it has always been possible in human reckoning. Many human behaviours stem from envy though the connection is often denied. It is sort of like the animal pecking order, but… Seek More

Jealous Envy

Why does envy arise? Is it anger? Is it a passion of some kind? Possessiveness? Possessiveness is something that is warped in human nature. Anger that we can’t have it? Insecurity? Yes, we naturally desire things. This is good, proper, and… Seek More

Enthusiasm For Life

Envy isn’t clearly delineated. You can envy in countless ways. You can envy someone’s ideas and not recognize it as envy. As you are busy envying their ability to have these ideas, you aren’t listening to them. Nor having the… Seek More

Who Do You Admire?

I would like to start by asking you a couple of questions.  Have you ever met someone you truly and powerfully admired? If you did, did you feel a sense of kinship with them? Yes and no. Ah, thank you… Seek More

Twisting of Instinct

Envy creeps into our daily thinking, but no situation more so than intimacy. Close friendships, family, romantic relationships. Envy denies intimacy, and if you need any gauge of how much envy affects our mind, look at the divorce rate. I… Seek More

Desire for Sex

We villainize our desires like lust. Let’s say I’m very sexually driven.  How does me seeking sexual gratification take anything from anyone? It may make me very attentive to my partner.  They say the two biggest things that ruin marriages… Seek More