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Jealous Envy in Envy


Why does envy arise? Is it anger? Is it a passion of some kind?

Possessiveness? Possessiveness is something that is warped in human nature.

Anger that we can’t have it? Insecurity? Yes, we naturally desire things. This is good, proper, and instinctual. We also naturally claim possession of things. Give me a sandwich when I’m hungry, and it will quite naturally become my sandwich, but this is where possessiveness gets warped. Ego creeps in. It’s when my having a sandwich means you can have no sandwich. When the sandwich is mine, and I’m not hungry. When you don’t accept the common ground element of desire, it allows no negotiation, no exchange, no fairness. Envy is desire + narcissism. Generosity is desire + compassion.

Is envy the same as jealousy? Actually, yes. In the case of romantic jealousy, you believe you having feelings is somehow special, and you can’t permit your partner to have the same feelings. A jealous person has friends, but feels insecure when their partner has friends. Likewise they may talk freely to the gender who might be a romantic interest, but their partner can’t be seen to be comfortable talking to the same. By being jealous of your partner you debase what your partner gives you. This is the same as declaring your partner to have no character, and their love as dedicated as it might be, to have no worth.

Often in both jealousy and envy there is an implied lack of character in the one who has the coveted thing, or person, or situation. By deciding this, you automatically blind yourself to how you might achieve the very same thing, and hence also invalidate the other. The law of sympathy is absolute. If someone you envy has money, they do have some virtue that permitted them to earn it. If they seem to have a good and satisfying relationship, they have some attribute of their character that allows that to arise and endure, whether you see this trait or not. Envy = narrow perception = ignorance.

Like when that grouchy old man has such a sweet wife, it tells us there is a virtue we’re likely not seeing in the man or vice versa. Indeed, and yes it can be reversed. Often the seemingly virtuous partner is very dedicated. You invalidate them by saying they are motivated by any ignorance. Envy steals from everyone and everything.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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