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We are, each of us, worthy. Equally worthy. We all exist because nature wanted a “you”.

Perception Chooses in Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Perception is very narrow. If you move it around, you will scan the world only very poorly. This makes everything seem unclear if you won’t let your perception settle. Your perception has a purpose. It has to be in agreement with inner nature or it will trip you, hurt you, not show you a thing. You can’t “learn” by perception. What perception does is choose.

Living to anothers agenda so not in agreement and it trips us? Yes. Perception chooses. It wasn’t making your choices, but it can make the choices you decide on if you allow it. If things are in agreement, your perception won’t notice anything and you will feel just fine because when you aren’t perceiving, you feel. When you are perceiving, you don’t feel.

I’ve started to notice how people can make me feel stressed when they impose their perception on me. It’s natural. It’s like saying, “Here, take this bit and bridle in your mouth, but I don’t have a reason for it.”

Now, how to let perception make your choices rather than echo your conditioned choices? Whatever you are feeling, feel it. Every feeling is a desire. Never, ever, ignore your feelings, and also never “judge” your feelings. Do you actually know intellectually what your feelings are?

Example. Some people feel a tension when around another person and judge the feeling as being “mad at them.” This usually creates a huge problem, because they have an idea of “how to be mad.” Your idea of how to be mad is a lie. Your idea of how to be happy is a lie. Your idea of how to be emotional is a lie. You likely don’t know what emotion is, but just what you have been told and the mysterious feelings that “seem” to go with it. Is seeming enough?

I don’t go through my list of criteria for swearing, I just do it when I need to. Good. I applaud your swearing. There should be no break between your feeling and the swearing. But have you noticed sometimes you swear and it feels wrong? Because you have an idea of “why to swear”? Sometimes it works accidentally and fits your actual feeling, but I bet about half of the time it doesn’t. You might want to try my dirty word. Feet. Said with feeling it seems to work just fine.

I try to not swear if I know it would really hurt someone’s feelings. Ok yes, there is that idea. Have you avoided hurting anyone’s feelings with that rule, really?

I dislike excessive bad language too. Ah, if you dislike it then curb it when it feels bad, but do you need a “rule” or idea of when? What if you didn’t have all these rules in your mind? Would you go insane? It would be even worse. You would experience a frightening peace and clarity of intention, and would be moved to act without doubt. You would experience a “terrible lightness of being.” You would go horribly and perhaps irrevocably sane and would actually have your life. Actually have it. It would be yours, because all it took was seeing it was always already you anyway.

A life without rules is truly yours? Yes. Life with feeling. Life with a heart, but you have to know what perception is. It’s your “chooser” like a web browser. The search parameters can’t be given to you. They have to be chosen by you, come from you, and then your perception will assemble things by “noticing” that fits your desire, and you will be well equipped to have your desire. Action will just be a technicality you can just let flow. No worries at all.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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