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The way of thought is the way of definition. A focusing of the minds eye to see details better. People mistake control for artifice, though artifice inevitably fails.

Build a Perception: Rainy Days in Yellow Magick

Yellow Magick

So, shall we build a perception?

Or have it built for us. That is the choice you face, yes.

Anyone want to pick a sample experience?

Rainy days?

Rainy days. You experience a dimming of the ambient light outside, a rise in ambient moisture in the air, a drop of temperature, the stimulation of rainfall against your skin perhaps. Are any of these a problem so far?

Not so far. Where do rainy days become problems?

Our perception. And the perception in our unconscious associations. But those unconscious associations are there because we imagined before that rainy days are a problem, that they are depressing or whatever. Do you have to experience the same associations every time? Can you will yourself to associate something else with rainy days?

No. I can add some though to tip the balance? Tipping the balance is possible, and allows slow progressive change over time. They call that experience getting wiser with age, but that’s not very much like the definition of magick is it? You have free won’t, and have to exercise it at the level it occurs. After the fact is really too late.

Redirecting the energy? In a sense it is redirecting the energy. You have a “body” that relates to any experience before you begin to “reflect” on it. The sensation touches that body then gets referred to your memory.

Yes, I am discovering this through embodiment meditation. That’s an excellent yellow magick practice. This body feels paralyzed doesn’t it? More like your heart than your hand?

I’m discovering connections between heart and hand, and head. What happens when you cut off circulation to your hand?

Numbness. Even worse, and I have had this happen, you can lose mobility until circulation is restored. Ever experience that? I had to massage a hand before I could move it let alone feel it. You do this with your mind body. You have shunted all the mental circulation away from it.

Yes, best to just let it come back by itself, don’t force it. The rush of blood can be dangerous. Indeed. It shouldn’t be forced even with the mind. It’s what drives people to insanity actually.

I do not understand “mental circulation.” Mental circulation has a different name, attention. Your attention is mostly focused in your thought, your memory, your emotions, which block feelings and blind the mind. The mind body is a feeling part of your being. Have you felt it yet?

It makes direct contact with experience, and just as your body has an innate matrix for turning food into fuel and growth substance, your mind body has an innate matrix for turning experience into genuine understanding, wisdom, which is just as unique to you as the DNA made by your body out of the food you eat.

Depression is the numb mind body? It is, yes, and other complications are stress driven overcompensation. You have to slow down to begin feeling the mind again, redirect attention.

So, your mind body knows what rainy days actually are. Do children start our getting depressed on rainy days?

No! They go out and play in the puddles! Yes. They start out assembling their experience in a life supporting way, even coming up with creative insights seemingly spontaneously out of the blue. Magically? The mind body alive and strong is a magickal mind. It navigates a world beyond the senses but not beyond sensitivity.

Coloring the sun yellow. Yellow magick is child’s play.

There are more senses than we sense, then. There are, indeed.

Yellow power! Indeed, it can be world changing.

Think it through. Think behind it, think beneath it, think above it and pretend for a moment you can make it something else, because in fact you always can. Every experience you have is a collection of multiple simple sensations like Legos. Don’t you feel like playing with your own Legos? Especially if it can mean your own life?

I ponder playing with LOGOS. Indeed, play with logos. Those are memes. Play with assumptions. Things are not what you think they are, but what you think … things are.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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