There are no coincidences. The line of cause and affect may be very abstract, but it is there.

Build a Perception: Untrustworthy in Yellow Magick

Yellow Magick

I perceive someone who is not paying back her debt to me as untrustworthy. I can work with that one also.

In this case, you are assembling your perception one way. The person who received your financial aid is assembling it another. They may be beating themselves about the head and shoulders with guilt over their struggle to repay the loan. For them that loan may be consuming a great deal of their daily attention. They likely have other problems they are struggling with as well, and when they take their attention off those, they will indeed build more. Is this unfair to say?

No, it is accurate. Now just like playing with building blocks with another child, yes, you can choose to use your own building blocks to mar whatever it is they are building. Do you want to do that?

No! What would be the outcome? Both of us would suffer for it. Yes. 

Some people get off on that. Indeed, it’s a very popular practice. The unskillful are often aggressive toward those who are more happily engaged in activity. Now also, do you just have to match what they are doing? You know your own building blocks?

I am discovering them now. What would happen if you just built onto the same structure she is building? Sometimes that is actually a good thing, entirely in order, sometimes though it goes wrong.

If it is welcome, it’s collaboration, if it’s not, it can be desecration. There is a third option there. There is always a third option. The third being, diversion. Sometimes you enrich not so much by disruption as by supplementation. If one child is building a house, the other can build a car to park by the house, or build a plane, and suddenly it’s not a house anymore, it’s a hangar.

A plane to crash into it? Well, even the plane crash scenario is to be considered.

So might this include providing different options for loan payback? Yes. Fascinating prospect… You have to consider what you know of the hand doing the original building. Ultimately, experience is the tool, the medium. You are the hand that guides it, or can. You just have to go deeper than surfaces, deeper than thoughts. This is why the runes and hexagrams and tarot can offer such insight. On the surface they appear to many people to be nonsensical, but what they are is a system of perceptual elements that can shift freely as you work with them. Revealing to you not so much some concrete carved in stone thing that just is, but instead reveal to you what you perceive to be present, as well as reveal the truth that those elements can combine differently. It’s still no less revealing of truth. It reveals all we actually know of truth.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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