'Yellow Magick' Chapter

Yellow Magick

The magick of the mind is also the magick of information, data and cognition, computation. It would be the color of the discipline now referred to broadly as neuroscience. We experience the processes behind yellow magick all the time.

You can’t change things about your mind. Yellow magick is not about changing the mind, but instead about using the innate structure that is already there. Practicing yellow magick is practicing experience before you have it triggered.

“The power of Thought, the magic of the Mind!” Lord Byron (English Romantic poet and satirist, 1788-1824)

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Magick of the Mind

I have been doing the colours of magick as a loose series not necessarily in any particular order. The colour system I am referring to corresponds to the traditional colours assigned to the chakras. Red to the root chakra, etc. Today,… Seek More

Processes Behind Yellow Magick

Have you ever successfully shaken off an old idea just by ignoring it? Starving it of mental energy. You can wilfully starve an idea of mental energy? The more I resolve to not think of something, the more I think… Seek More

Using Minds Innate Structure

So shall we get down under the hood so to speak? You are never awake. In fact, the only way science can differentiate between the awake brain and the sleeping brain is not the level of activity, but what regions… Seek More

You Can Angle the Mirror

They have discovered the source of “talent.” It’s the myelinization process. It can be deliberately triggered, but not by trying to perform any single task as a whole activity. The task has to be broken down, and small parts of… Seek More

Selection is Free Won’t

Your mind builds any of your perceptions. How it builds it depends on how you have outlined what you believe to be real. You create a blueprint that your mind uses to assemble experiences into a perception. Most people actually… Seek More

Build a Perception: Rainy Days

So, shall we build a perception? Or have it built for us. That is the choice you face, yes. Anyone want to pick a sample experience? Rainy days? Rainy days. You experience a dimming of the ambient light outside, a… Seek More

Build a Perception: Untrustworthy

I perceive someone who is not paying back her debt to me as untrustworthy. I can work with that one also. In this case, you are assembling your perception one way. The person who received your financial aid is assembling… Seek More