A weight can be a lightening of existence. Chains can be freedom. The prisoner knows what freedom is clearly.

Using Minds Innate Structure in Yellow Magick

Yellow Magick

So shall we get down under the hood so to speak?

You are never awake. In fact, the only way science can differentiate between the awake brain and the sleeping brain is not the level of activity, but what regions are active at the time.

Deep down in the core of your consciousness, your perception is all filtered by the instinctive and emotional parts of your brain even before you are aware you saw or heard anything at all. They have done experiments on this in labs. Your “primitive” brain makes a decision before you are even aware you have thought it through. They have tested people with simple decision making tasks while they were under FMRI. They registered the beginning of a motor response before they could even say they had decided anything.

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This is why eye witness testimony is inherently unreliable? It is part of why, yes. People always see what they think they see. This is why you dream not of sensations, but of your ideas about sensations.

Pattern recognition makes things outside that pattern invisible? More or less, yes.

Regardless of what was really there. Yes.

So you are forever dreaming. Your dreaming is just your normal consciousness with fewer browser windows open, fewer active channels of communication.

I need to close some windows. Actually, yes. This is why monks do what they do. Any form of withdrawal from the world serves that purpose, not to block things out, but to get closer to the root of what is behind it all.

And studies show we’re lousy at multi-tasking even when people think they’re good at it. Yes. The brain only processes about three items of information at a time, and it can actively engage only one fully. This is the meaning behind the eye and triangle symbols in magick.

How many active characters have you ever dreamed of?

There may be many “people” but only a couple that interact. The mind chunks larger items of information into generalized abstractions.

I guess that’s why there are so many faceless ones in dreams? It is indeed why. How many activities do you dream of doing at the same time?

One at a time and morphing together. Because the mind draws associations between activities and automatically links anything that is similar. We all dream of doing one thing with a few people, even if we experience a chain of single activities with a rotation of small groups of people.

In a group of many conversations, we focus on one at a time. Even the maximum cohesive group size they find is still a multiple of three. The outside realm of human tolerance for group size is 150 people. Interesting, no?

You can’t change these things about your mind. Yellow magick is not about changing the mind, but instead about using the innate structure that is already there.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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