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Processes Behind Yellow Magick in Yellow Magick

Yellow Magick

Have you ever successfully shaken off an old idea just by ignoring it?

Starving it of mental energy. You can wilfully starve an idea of mental energy? The more I resolve to not think of something, the more I think about it.

Don’t think about an elephant. I just did.

You can replace it with better idea. That is the creative act behind yellow magick. Yellow magick is tackling any of your problems from the level of conception, even inception. It differs in character, but not really in final outcome.

I forget ideas all the time. That’s why I like to write them down. As far as the subject of forgetting goes, you don’t forget something just because you don’t think about it. Science shows that the reason we perceive ourselves to forget a thing is because every time we remember it what we are in fact doing is reconstructing it, and when it is “forgotten”, it’s really just modified beyond recognition. This is also why we think we can’t remember what happened while we were in an altered state like being drunk. The memory is still there, but it’s formatted in a way that makes no sense while we are sober. The same is true of remembering our dreams. In the case of dreams, you don’t remember your dream readily because it doesn’t even use the normal sensory channels. It instead uses the associational network. It shows you the “idea” of a place more than actual sensation of the place.

I’ve never actually forgotten anything while I’m drunk. It may have something to do with the way different brains are wired. Ah, well, your brain is not wired in a fixed state. They have discovered that your neural network will rewire itself significantly throughout your life, but some people do seem to display more of an innate aptitude for recalling altered states than most other people do.

Like a stroke victim can recover some function. Yes, because the function they lost was lateralized all across their mind and just has to be reconstructed in a new area.

Holographic? Yes, exactly. You can even develop new senses just by new associations being made to your pre-existing sensory centers. The blind do develop the already present but mostly dormant human echo location.

Perhaps the new 3D movies are doing something to us? Ah indeed, the first people to watch 3D movies couldn’t make intelligible sense of what they saw. Their brain couldn’t translate the perspective well, but with continued exposure they took to it quickly. But even before that, with the advent of movies themselves, our ancestors couldn’t make sense of moving 2D images. They reacted to what they saw as if it was a 3D object.

Or people with one blind eye. Yes, so even your senses are fairly bendable. Stage magicians do it rather easily, but even when they aren’t deceiving your senses, they can manipulate your thought processes and your behavioral attention. Human beings even have a trait they call change blindness. If you aren’t specifically looking for something to change, it can be changed right in front of you and you will still see only what you expect to see. The experiment in question involved swapping men standing behind a desk. They deliberately chose men who looked as different as they could possible find. The only thing they did to hide the switch was have the man briefly duck behind a desk as the other took his place. Almost no one notices. So we experience the processes behind yellow magick all the time.

There’s a Buneul film in which he uses two actresses to play the same character and I didn’t notice at first. TV sitcoms can often swap caste and have it go unnoticed for quite some time.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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