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Magick of the Mind in Yellow Magick

Yellow Magick

I have been doing the colours of magick as a loose series not necessarily in any particular order. The colour system I am referring to corresponds to the traditional colours assigned to the chakras. Red to the root chakra, etc. Today, we are talking about yellow magick. It’s the magick of the mind.

To affect change in conformity with will is the definition of all magick, but that leaves the exact process rather wide open, does it not? There are magickal practices that are universal across cultures all around the planet just as there are some practices unique to the cultures that originated them. The magick of the mind is also the magick of information, data and cognition, computation. It would be the colour of the discipline now referred to broadly as neuroscience.

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When you think of change in conformity with will, and well, change in general, what do you think of?


Achieving goals.


Thought control.

Do we achieve anything without ideas? In a previous class I spoke of purple magick, the magick of passion and desire, and it by itself can seem overwhelming.

Purple and yellow are complimentary colours often seen together. They work well together. You just have to keep them in their proper balance. Yellow magick is much more subtle, but no less powerful.

How often do our choices depend as much on what we thought happened as what we actually experienced? We make choices and even have impulse driven reaction. Not so much to what we actually experience with our senses, but to what we think it was or what we imagine it meant. Is this not so?

Suspicion is based upon what we think happens and not necessarily what did happen. This is the uncontrolled side of the force of yellow magick, the imagination running away with you.

We, all of us, live life with a set of perceptual filters and behavioural heuristics. The mind is very efficient, otherwise every decision would require active analysis, every value examined every time a new event came up. How would we have any time to actually do anything when we are forever always having to learn it all over again? Heuristics are rules of conduct, most of which are innate and instinctive.

Well, just as the force of passion runs all through reality, so does the force of information. Science refers to it as emergent order, and tends to insist it’s more accidental than not. For my own purposes I find that judgement much less than useful. What do you think?

But some instincts like prejudice can be wrong. Prejudice by itself is not an instinct. We have only two instinctive fears, falling and loud noises, everything else is learned. So prejudice emerges not from our instinctive mind, but from social conditioning. It is prejudice. The thing in question was pre judged, but not by you.

Judged with ignorance? Ignorance is inescapable. That is one of the core components of understanding yellow magick. Rationality is inherently bounded, or it would be impossible to exercise.

We fear what we do not understand. We do not inherently fear the unknown. Young children are instead fascinated with it, until it makes a loud noise, causes them pain, or pushes them off balance. So utilizing yellow magick fully would involve unlearning as much as learning new things.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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