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God is very real in our hearts and minds, and in our actions in the world, and regrettably god is insane.

Form Of Desire in Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Is it not me that tells me when something is wrong? Such as taking a life? No. It’s not “you”, not the “I.”

I can think about killing, but have no desire to actually do so. Yes. Your perception can be on killing and then it will go off, because in dramatic situations the inner self shows up as a self preservation/sanity instinct.

Or maybe it’s the desire not to go through the turmoil of being arrested and punished, not so much that killing is wrong? It is that your inner self sees that willingness to compromise. Life is willingness to compromise life. You can’t have willingness to compromise life and not be willing to compromise your own. You can’t be willing to kill and not willing to die. Those who have killed in self defence weren’t willing to die. They were given over to their desire to live, and had the person they killed stopped their attack, the self defender would also stop. Without that center in the inner self you have ideas, like the idea that “killing might not be wrong.”

It is truly brainwashing to make someone want things? Yes, or discourage them from wanting things. Or is the desire already there? The desire is already there but you should never pick the form, not for another person, and you should be mindful of the forms you pick for yourself because cause and effect doesn’t go away. The form you give your desire will have a complimentary echo, always does. This is why life seems contrary. Because for whatever your desire is, the world will take the form of what it is not.

Want to know how to avoid that? Desire is never an object. Desire an object and you will remove it from your experience. If you desire food, you will be very hungry. If you are willing to eat, you will cease being hungry. This is how you can judge between real desire and ideas of desire, or thinking about desire. Real desire is just movement to action. If you aren’t moved to act then you have no connection with your supposed goal. You don’t want that object.

A child only wants because for a time they can’t “do”, but they mature to the “no” stage at about age two. They say no because they honestly don’t want. They “want” to do. They have become aware of the drive to do. We were supposed to go forward from there, but instead we went backward. Authority became mommy/daddy and poisoned the milk so our heads won’t clear. Job/religion/partner/real life, all the mommy/daddy. Well, the mommy/daddy has Munchausen’s. Wants attention by hurting you. Doesn’t want to take care of you. Wants to be felt sorry for, because that lets them keep you.

The mommy/daddy (by whatever name) is your betrayer. Want to give it your loyalty still? Want to believe that “My mommy/daddy can beat up your mommy/daddy”? Is that any measure of virtue? I have “autism” according to medical authorities. I never bonded with the mommy/daddy.

Now here is what you stand to gain if you give up the mommy/daddy. When you give up the mommy/daddy, you can perhaps for the first time have partners. Actually enjoy your life with them, and I mean partners of all kinds. When you give up the ideas and embrace your actual motivations, you can let other people have the same thing. They want it really bad anyway, and you can perhaps not take their motivations so personally. They aren’t about you anyway, but can involve you, and yours can involve them. That’s partnership. When you allow someone to be a part of your motivations and are willing to be a part of theirs. This sound drab or undesirable?

You don’t have to interfere with anyone, just do your thing. Especially, you will have the freedom to not interfere with yourself which is the source of all your problems anyway.

You can’t make time go faster, but you can make yourself go slower. But it’s more comfy to just go your speed. Just stretch those physical and spiritual legs and act.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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