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Biological Age in Aging


Even biological age, right now, this moment in your body, is not a coherent or absolute thing. Different parts of your body will test as being different ages. Women’s breasts are a whole decade older than they are for example, so there isn’t even a single clock in the body regulating aging.

How does that work? They can sample tissue from any part of your body, and have now, and test it for the changes that come with age, and based on the tissues reaction compare it to how far along that cells is in its process of degeneration.

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So what is the youngest part? Hair? Brain, and sex cells. Sex cells more than brain. But there is a node of stem cells at the heart of the brain that remains “young” right up to the point of death. Nature itself is doing everything it can to preserve not information, but memory, the substrate that supports and communicates the information. And actually one of the possible treatments of biological aging? An extract taken from our sex organs and injected into a specific region of our brain or delivered by some other vector. That core of the brain I spoke of? Apparently it can be convinced to change its hormonal behaviour, begin resetting biology all through your body.

That’s what makes people such dickheads? No. According to biology, the dickhead would be the happier person, more emotionally sensitive and responsive. In fact, the aged would be bone heads as that genetic pathway I mentioned seems to be heavily linked to cellular calcium channels, and our calcium metabolism changes as age progresses though the actual appendage is not correct. It’s the endocrine gland, not the agent by which it sexually functions that has this potential. To save peoples hearts right now we are aging them, but they are right now in human trials on a gene therapy that will just cause the heart to regenerate, reverse heart disease, and well, so far so good.

We mistakenly think the way to healing is to make biology go forward even now, even though all the evidence seems to suggest the opposite, even that nature does it. There is a species of jellyfish that can revert all the way back to its infant stage, a polyp. This is a way of genetic and biological repair.

All of this in order to live longer? No. There is something deeper that science is still not seeing.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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