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You Must be You in Aging


The difference in aging between parts of the body, various tissues and organs, is a pattern of forgetting, or selfing. I call it selfing because you block out portions of your experience to preserve a set of data that form an illusion that you then declare to be yourself. All it is is a stress pattern. Really nothing more meaningful than the urge to pee. It’s important but it certainly is not the meaning of life, or even the source of understanding or wisdom.

So what is the important part? Desire. The pattern that keeps you breathing, that keeps you imagining, that makes you eager to see and hear and feel new things. Are these actually different things?

Wanting a toy rather than needing it? Needing is a delusion. The idea that curiosity is something different than hunger is also a delusion. There is only desire, only the hunger for life, the urge to express, to stretch the true self out into space and to move it along relative points through myriad relationships. There is no space. There is just patterns of networking, just degrees of separation as they say, though in fact those are really degrees of abstraction there being no meaningful separation, really.

Needs can be used against you. Wants I don’t think can. Only you can be used against you. You believe in the false you because you believe in needs. You believe in preserving information at the expense of experience. You believe in words not deeds, in hurts not healing, in passive sensation not communication. To communicate is to move, to act. Communicate = commute. People who are aging degenerate much faster when they become socially isolated.

My need to keep secrets is the lie. Maybe if people saw that they would not be so afraid of privacy invasions. There are no secrets you can keep. There are no permissions that you need from anyone else. You must be you, and no one can or will give you permission for that. That you that you must be has nothing to do with attitudes and ideas you cling to. It has to do with your dynamic life process, your learning, your shifting feelings, your imagination and creative motivation. These are the you that needs expressing, and also the you that others reject and fear. They honestly fail to even comprehend it. They don’t believe humans are capable of these things. They have no power at all unless they embrace and express these things. They haven’t, can’t and never will find it in any single body of information no matter how impressive that information might be.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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