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All things have a negative side. Every light casts a shadow. One can feel that they don’t entertain a thought, but you can’t avoid entertaining negatives. They are an inherent part of the equation that allows you to arrive at positives.

Spectrum of Experience in Aging


The remedy for aging / forgetting? It’s attention. Not to information, our old folks have it right there. There is no fix for them in new fangled information. Their instincts told them that. It’s not just prejudice. Their life experience sample is big enough that they know what information does to the body, and yes, they grow sick of it, tired and depressed. Those things that do offer them some help, relief, are those things that put them back in touch with their inner dynamics. Tai chi, meditation, creative self expression, dance and music does wonders. They have found seniors who have a personal investment in music as an experience have brain ages almost twenty years younger than their chronological peers. What do you think of that?

No wonder the Rolling Stones are still rolling. Sexual activity has an even bigger impact on the aging process. Again the Rolling Stones are a good example. Should we achieve immortality, and seek to regulate population density, birth control modifications would be very valuable. A technology allowing us to turn it off and on which we can already do just very clumsily, inefficiently, but we would need to preserve the entire spectrum of human experience as well as broaden it.

I would love to have a pill for guys. A birth control pill for guys is looking promising though more complicated than for women. Men’s sexual health is faster moving than women’s though not necessarily any more complicated.

Immortality seems boring. I’d like to die and return as something else. Death would not promise you variety. In fact, it promises the opposite. Shall I explain why?

The first bardo, the realm of death most people experience, is a dream. It’s dreaming. It serves the same purpose for a disincarnate mind as it does for incarnate minds. We have a relationship with the dead not unlike the polls of a magnet. This is what pulls the dead into their next incarnation, and pulls the living toward forgetting and fatigue. Death is sleep, practice for sleep.

So it is like living dormant? In sleep mode until we jiggle the mouse again? Actually, the experience of death is like dreaming. You aren’t blank, but memory is primary. Old fears, old hurts, you retain these, practice them, prepare yourself to deal with them in the future. This process in the mind is karma. This is what karma is and you experience it in dreams.

We do carry past experiences with us. I think we would have to for evolution to happen.

So our souls don’t break up? No souls break up, selves break up. This is why you don’t remember your past lives most of the time. The false self is not genuine information and you vomit up that data when you are “born” into the bardo. It’s the first thing you do.

They get recycled right? Just mixed up. You might remember tiny bits from lives that weren’t yours? Yes, indeed. It’s all a psychic is doing when they intuit parts of your past. They are just remembering your past life even though you aren’t done with it yet because it’s just energy, just data. There is no process behind it, certainly no principle. So your next incarnation would just be a slightly more refined practice of your previous incarnation. Reincarnation is like that song, I’m Henry the eighth I am, second verse same as the first.

So have I said anything useful about aging? Do you feel it’s something you just must endure? Just some sucky thing like the planet grinding you beneath its boot heal?

Not if you keep active and engaged.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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