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If there is any reality then you are real, and your choices are based on you.

Record Scratchers in Aging


Should you reincarnate on your personal path, it’s no big deal, never has been. Little steps until you take that big one works also, but you can make reincarnation a big deal. The more your memory is interrupted, the more stops and restarts it has, the louder your karma will get. If you think you suffer now, just try to deny the context of it, try to scratch the record and see what happens.

Should I discuss what happens before we close?

Ever notice how a record scratcher seems in a night club? A DJ? Do they ever seem anything other than a little demonic? A little intimidating? Especially the gifted ones.

No, they want to seem that way. No they don’t. They are tuning into a dynamic in the human soul, one that most people aren’t sensitive to.

They don’t intimidate me at all. Indeed, they might not, but there are DJs who do. You do fear the record scratchers that rule our world, and you do dance to their beat. They control by way of interruption. Done one way, the interruption is pleasurable, they spare you from your despair, make you forget your troubles. Done the other way, you feel you can trust nothing, learn from nothing, are deceived by everything. The greatest pleasure? Is rest from the worst torture and hell is repetition.

That’s true. When they mess up my song, I instantly don’t trust them.

Those souls who are the most gifted record scratchers assume a special state. In Japanese lore, they are known as Oni and they are the keepers of hell. They keep killing the sufferers, and yes, this seems hideous and frightening, but it is the greatest compassion possible in that state. They are giving the gift of interruption, because in hell, you reincarnate faster. Every interruption they grant you is a chance to realize where you are, and what you are doing to yourself, and to stop the hell wheel. The keepers actually want you to. Their own karma, as well as their dharma, is tied up in it.

Scratchers, gnashers, furies, the kindly ones, aren’t all in the same camp. They are divided by the way they cut the soul, and they contend with each other. There is such a thing as an Oni Bodhisattva. I disagree with the doctrine of the position of human privilege, though I will admit the human state is easier.

Oni Bodhisattva? A Bodhisattva is a returner, an enlightened one who returns to a form of incarnated existence in order to support the liberation of beings there. There are Daeva Bodhisattva as well. You might not be able to tell the difference between them.

An Oni Bodhisattva returns to kill people? No, they return to refine the cut, to clarify the division, to bring evolution to the change that is destruction. Killing people just creates karmic noise. It doesn’t matter who does it. This is why Oni Bodhisattva seem so deceptive, so seductive. They respect that you have chose to be part of the cut. They just try to steer you away from the path of the sufferer, steer you away from the state of the lost. The flip side of the cut is the chant. The cut interrupts, the chant perpetuates and regulates, measures, but that would be its own subject all together. The cut and the chant together are the paths between.

You said that humans are privileged? It’s taught in Buddhism that humans are privileged. In my experience this is not the case. Right now they seem even more third world than the sufferers culturally.

As opposed to other animals? Oh no, animals are different. Their whole domain is different, but the paths between still apply to them as well. Plants are all about the chant, trees and what not. Maggots are all about the cut.

The sufferers are different from humans? Ah yes, they are different. Sufferers were also called shades, lemures. Really the same thing. They are seen these days as shadow people. They show up a lot in ghost investigations. Ghosts are foggy where shades are sort of staticy, jagged.

All these beings go through reincarnation as well? They do, yes, and it’s in their lucid moments that we see them here. When they are on the verge of their own form of enlightenment they show up here in the earth plane, state, whatever you want to call it.

So we see the ghost Buddhas? No. Those are shades, and you just see someone moving into a new dharma, a new cycle, a new sphere or wheel.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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