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Time has been very expansive, and consciousness came well before humanity.

Sick Will in Discernment


I do think thinking should guide the emotions and not rule it. Thinking should inform the other. Does it not seem like people in general are weak willed?

Yes. What the actual cause of that is, is not weak will. They have sick will. Their inner mind sickens from a primary diet of regurgitated ideas, so when they need to call on it, it has little to offer and can only carry them a short distance. What if they instead drew from sensation and emotion first, and only used thought as a map instead of a crutch? What would that be like for them?

I think finding the right balance may be the key. Thoughts are maps. It’s your feet that walk. Your higher brain functions are the map. Your so called lower being is going to do the work. Can you get anywhere if you insist your horse be a bird? When travelling, which is more useful, the horse or the map? If I could only keep one it would be the horse. The map can be improvised. Can you improvise a horse? Can you improvise a self and get anywhere? In my metaphor, I meant the horse as self, and map as thought.

Well, then of course you need your body. More than the body. It’s not a machine. It is really the seat of your soul.

Will? No. Will poisons the blood if used alone. Sensation as the body, emotion as the body, the raw energy or spirit of the body, from which the perception even of thought arises.

You can survive without thinking and let other people think for you. You can survive without over embellished thinking. You can survive without unnecessary thought.

Many people do. I disagree. I have yet to meet someone without unnecessary thought. Suggest that they don’t need those ideas or to engage in those thought processes and well… Can you name an emotion you can do without?

Probably not. Even anger and fear are necessary. Do your thoughts all relate well to your emotions? They trigger them certainly, but do they reflect the natural behavior of the emotion? Compensate for them? Recognize their context? Do your thoughts serve to help you recognize the connection between your emotion and your sensations? This is all possible.

I often understand my emotions. But I know many people don’t. Many people can be angry or sad and have no idea why. I usually think I was in too much of a hurry, haste, anxiety or didn’t have all the information.

When you make errors in judgement, is it always for a unique reason? Yes, fear. So perhaps never a unique reason? Are you afraid of your sensations? Where does the fear come from?

Previous experience. Which you recall only the analysis of, thoughts of. Can these tell you if you can afford to slow down?

So I think maybe I have wandered too far afield today. Have I spoken to the subject of discernment at all?

I think of thinking as the stakes a plant grows up around. They shape and support the plant, but the plant is the real being. The stakes are just a help.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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