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All problems have there origin in the individual, and there perpetuation in communication. What you can do is see your individual part, and see to how it’s propagated.

Body and Emotions First in Discernment


Shall we do another situation?

Let’s discuss will. People use will like they use thinking, and it is really the thing that makes thinking seem to work, sometimes. Do any of your decisions based on your thinking not require you to exert force of will?

Yes, true. An insistence to get something done. Can you think yourself into doing something and not have to make yourself do it?

No. You have to force yourself to act. What happens when you have to do that a lot, especially in a short period of time?

It can be draining. Science has even determined that it is draining. It causes a hormonal and metabolic shift in the brain. Would the method I described do that?

I know people that often do things without thinking about them much at all. They get a lot done, though their work can be a bit half-assed. Yes. They do things without thinking about them, then take no time to reflect after either. Reflection is the thinking between action.

I think visualizing would decrease the amount of stress. Yes.

Now what if when you reflect back on your experiences, you viewed them in such a way as to be able to determine how well they affected you, what sort of impact they had on your well-being, and changed your opinions based on that?

I do that all the time. I have had friends who tell me to stop dwelling on things. Do you do that, or judge “concrete” outcomes?

But I think I understand the situation better than they do because of my ‘dwelling.’ Do you put your personal experience of the outcome first? Or what you think the factual outcome was?

I think so. I think before the event. I was considering how it affected everyone, but if it went bad for me, I will weigh that more than how it affected others. Your pattern of thought is shaped by your pattern or habits of attention. Can you begin paying attention to something new and not have a change happen in your thinking?

No. What would happen if your attention took inventory of your body and emotions first and other details after?

I would be sociopathic like most people. Their attention is on their self-image first. They often have nervous ticks and states of physical and emotional depletion, periods of weakness which they totally deny. Self-image is thinking. The body doesn’t care directly about your self image, but over time it does become poisoned by it. It can also be strengthened by it. Ever notice music seems almost to guide us? Can make us move?

Being goal oriented is healthier? Being goal oriented is healthier, but the goals have to come from an awareness of your natural, real state of being, not from trumped up thoughts.

Music can be an excellent motivator. If your emotions stem primarily from sensation, and only secondarily incorporate thought, then the “music” of your sensations will be what’s guiding you. Would this put you out of touch with reality?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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