'Discernment' Chapter


The reason we stumble over our own mental functions is not because they are by themselves defective. We are lead to believe that we “are” those mental functions which means we have no power to make choices about or navigate our way through mental events.

Science is now coming to the opinion that our emotions are hard wired behavioral survival skills as they all seem to be ingrained into our motor and sensory centers and often have very marginal contact with our “higher” functions neurologically. Would we be well served by thinking that supports and enhances emotion?

“A rich man may be wise in his own eyes, but a poor man who has discernment sees through him.” Bible

Legacy of Emotion

It’s always been my experience that the world makes no effort to deceive humanity, but instead that we, through our culture and education and personal prejudice, wind up deceiving ourselves. It’s not entirely a voluntary process. All those regions of… Seek More

Support for Survival

Does our thinking tend to support and enhance our emotional awareness? No. We usually try to talk ourselves out of an emotional state, pretend it’s not there. This doesn’t work though and we get more stressed. I think it can… Seek More

Function from Sensations

From my experience, my senses work together to inform me about what is good for me. My sense of taste tells me what my body wants to eat. My sense of pain tells me when my body is dangerously stressed.… Seek More

Basis for Discernment

How would we best determine what any of our experiences mean? This is what discernment is. What value or meaning, what weight or substance does an experience have. I don’t expect to have a light switch turned on. Sooner or… Seek More

Body and Emotions First

Shall we do another situation? Let’s discuss will. People use will like they use thinking, and it is really the thing that makes thinking seem to work, sometimes. Do any of your decisions based on your thinking not require you… Seek More

Sick Will

I do think thinking should guide the emotions and not rule it. Thinking should inform the other. Does it not seem like people in general are weak willed? Yes. What the actual cause of that is, is not weak will. They… Seek More