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Atheists often make a god of humanistic ideals, and in their zeal perpetuate the same crimes they attribute to faith.

Become Reborn in the World in Gold Magick

Gold Magick

The ultimate proof of gold mysticism shows up in the work of the artist. Does the artist ever really make anything?

They create by combining things and revealing things, so no. I will say no also, but for a different reason. Let’s take a painter, they have the paint, the brushes, their tools, the canvas. All of this is just stuff and there is no painting, right? If art were an objective thing, then art would be science, concrete values, one predictable outcome. They would make the painting and that would be it, and it would look like paintings are expected to look. No one would ever be surprised.

Paint by numbers. Yes, but there is nothing for the artist to make. The artist only “makes” themselves. They be themselves through the act of painting. The end product isn’t a painting, it’s an extension of the artist, expression, same thing. So does the artist make anything?

Only if you say that a mother who gives birth makes nothing. I would say they make nothing. Many mothers would say they didn’t make anything. They bore someone. It had nothing to do with making. In fact, I hear that what moves an artist to do art is that they are bearing something, enduring something, even if it’s seen as positive like euphoria.

Though what the mother eats and does during the pregnancy can have a huge effect. Nature eats through the mother. It has nothing to do with her deliberation, and her behavior creates an imprint of herself on the child. It still isn’t construction. Is there a child industry? Might be in the future, but is there now?

This point of view is the critical component to be successful with this third point of golden magick. Indeed. You become reborn in the world, and like a mother, it claims you as its own. In time, again like a mother, as you are nurtured you can reach the point where you reshape your relationship with the mother. You change the world, or at least this can happen. It doesn’t happen too often or with too much skill. I don’t know if it’s even deliberately happened yet, but the potential is there. Does this all sound crazy?

So what do you think of gold magick?

I think you covered it quite well. Thank you. Funny, I have no real ability in it. I sometimes wonder at things like this. I think for some it’s just that it isn’t fully engaged. They haven’t done it really willfully.

I think anyone can learn if they just put it into practice and see the necessity. I agree with you. Magick is there for anyone to understand if they have the will to do so.

I never cared about money when I was younger, but I always strove for gold in other things. I myself strive for its dissolution. It has to be dispersed to reach its full potential. Perhaps you can’t heal every heart, but you can bring gold to broken moments, spend it where it’s needed most. That’s my effort.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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