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The power of souls is beyond any artifice. We are made from and by it, and we rise or fall in part by that power in others.

Choice Making in Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

People in relationships… Half are in the heart camp of everything is wonderful. Half are in the gut camp of just the facts. Very few are balanced in a relationship, especially a new one. Very true.

There are a few who make it to very mature relationships who are balanced. The balance is the secret to long marriages, I think. Indeed, it is.

Friends, ever hear someone announce, “My picker is broken?” It’s usually said after a string of bad relationships. It’s not the picker or chooser or third chakra that is broken. It’s that they don’t understand it so don’t use it, and wind up feeling used by it. Sort of like your heart will beat if you want it to or not, your chooser will choose even if you insist on ignoring it.

I think that is the case for people that like to dress in very revealing clothing when it doesn’t serve them well to do so. Yes. They have a distortion of self image. That arises from that clash between the heart and the gut.

They don’t understand their heart and think that is the way to meet a partner. They think that, and yes, they are wrong. I was attracted to my wife for her heart. It didn’t hurt that she is pretty also, but being autistic, I don’t really experience very strong hedonistic impulses. My drive to procreate and my procreative instincts are weak. They are there, but they aren’t strong. Neither is the gut level element of the parental and thus family bond. This is why I have no problem seeing peoples flaws / evils. They don’t upset me, so they are just objects of experience, and I make what seem like black and white judgments based on them though they seem irrational from a neurotypical individuals point of view.

My own view is these things are just energies, and I watch what they do. I don’t feel any qualms about inhibiting or eliminating the presence of some energies in my environment, or removing myself from the environment.

I used to be very much like that when I was younger, but I am much more attentive to bonds and loyalty now. I am also attentive to bond and loyalty, but I don’t experience them like you do. They are sort of fused beliefs and ideas. This is perhaps why those the aspergers have been described as literal and legalistic. My own style of legalism is more “crisis legalism”, but it’s still there. But that’s the ground of my choice making. Anyone want to share theirs?

I really like your description of how the chakras interact to form your decisions. Pleased to hear that. I do like clarity myself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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