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When your imagination and your thought are in conflict, your imagination will inevitably win.

Inquiring into Choice in Choice


I feel like I never learn from unwise choices, and they keep repeating. What am I doing wrong? When a choice repeats, it isn’t from a failing on your part. You merely misunderstand the nature of the choice. You may perceive it as what it presents itself to you, but there can be an internal side you haven’t yet seen. The unseen world is very real. In fact, it’s within you.

We tend to fall into the role of mirror, action and reaction. Often this mirror seems to satisfy life’s requirements, but something can arise within you that the other doesn’t mirror. In satisfying them in your decisions, you may be ignoring the decisions that makes the situation repeat, and the choice is about you, not them.

Is it the same whichever choice we make? No, ultimately it’s not the same.

Human integrity. There is a reason that every system in the world shares the same qualities world wide even with no contact with one another, and even isolated indigenous tribes carry this key within them.  It is identified as human integrity. We all share it whether we sedate it or not. Getting in touch with it is important. Ideally, your choices will be in keeping with your inner nature, but even if they are not, they will still highlight you in that context.

The inner nature being your spiritual beliefs? Actually, yes and no. Your capacity for belief, but not its specific object. All choice is real choice. When you fantasize about an angry outburst it does leave a mark on your mind. If the person chronically irritates you …

You attract what you are comfortable with? You attract what you identify with. You don’t get what you want is a perennial complaint. You get what you are.

I tend to attract, and then suddenly acutely repel. You are knowingly exploring. There can be rapid bursts of spiritual/material change. They aren’t separate. When you see your inner nature, you will make real knowing choices.  But in a way, you will make no choices what so ever, because in fact it will be merely expression. Just drawing out of self. You will amaze yourself with your own creation. Maya, the goddess of illusion, is an adversary only to those who believe in a mistaken notion of what is real, which in western circles is called ego. There is a reality. In Taoism, the Tao that can be named is not the true Tao.

I try to learn, but I never do it seems. You always do. You have learned that same situation very well. Learning isn’t a virtue of itself. Often unlearning is much more important. I have to do a lot of unlearning myself.

Forgetting? No. Evidence says that forgetting isn’t truly possible short of radical brain damage. You must actively undo what was created in your mind that was called learning. You will remember, but it won’t be your reality. You won’t use it or express it. You won’t manifest it when you have unlearned it.

I feel like I’m cracking off layers of my self I created before, but it’s a painful damaging process. Oh indeed.  Like removing a person from a totally enclosed cell, the light is very painful.

How about replacing a concept with another, is that unlearning? It is, or can be. Some people do set up tensions. Sometimes the seeming replacement is merely an addition of conflict.

Can it be what was there? Just hidden, and the striping off allows this? Yes, it can be very important to know that you don’t know.

Love can heal everything? Love can heal everything, and love is not a choice.  But people screen love through choice. They screen compassion through ideals. The inner nature I spoke of is love.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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