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Food, sex, wealth, these are the things of the devil? So why do all our righteous leaders have them?

There is Time in Choice


There is another side to life and we all live in it, but some of us are not left to the wonderous gift of lethe. The numb balm of forgetting.

You can say that my statements are delusion, but there is another way of viewing the world. Possible for some, not even a choice for others, and the suffering in this world isn’t confined to egotistical humans. Ecosystems themselves, the life of the very world itself, feels this pain. It feels the pain of human ignorance as they kill the seas, the very cradle of life. It feels the hubris of humanity as the land dries and food becomes more scarce in the name of human greed, which is very far from real self interest.

The world itself has been endlessly forgiving. It is a wonder humans still even breath, yet we do. No life is promised in the human world. The natural cycle of life and death exists for a reason and it’s shamans that pervert it, not the spirit of which I speak.

Even now there is an epidemic of mental dissonance. Mental illness is so common as to be pedestrian. The world itself shrieks in rage and pain and no humans are listening. The ill are just the deafened ones, and even they are subjected to further indecency and disrespect. We make choices as individuals but they do bear a collective weight, and by this weight the fate of humanity is decided. The evidence is present now and to my view no one will lift a finger. Enjoy the ideals. Enjoy your causes and beliefs.

The scientifically developed society in Atlantis sank in a day. Undersea earthquakes undermined it’s foundations. Atlantis was enfolded within earthquake rifts. Those were not purely physical happenings and the memory of human knowledge is present. In radio waves, if you believe in nothing else. In ancient relics. Even the elephants remember in their graveyards, and there are those who live beyond this and they remember. I promise you they remember. It’s your choice my friends. Things will happen regardless of human choice. I would only have awakening

Are you saying we have no will? I say you have will, and you ignore it.

Can it change now or is it too late? As life still exists it can change. The awareness I speak of, and try to share in my classes, everyone already has anyway and it would make a big difference. I don’t mean ideas. Feel. I don’t mean technology. Your body is more in tune than anything we build ever will be. ‘Be who you are’ is all I ever really try to say.

Is this why animals are scared of humans? Yes. The animal fear of humans is quite justified, and their memory is just as real. The imprints are being made on the earth itself.

Can’t the animals feel if they can trust or not? Can’t they feel us inside? Homo sapiens bear a hypothetical mark of Cain. Species cellular memory. This makes them averse to us. Biologically we are the murderers, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Humans were originally the tenders and nurturers of the earth until we became this. Our mind was to allow us to move freely on the earth, to understand.

Be well friends. If there is any reality then you are real, and your choices are based on you.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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