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You’re never bored when you play your own game. You’re bored when you play another’s game.

Love and Hate in Choice


Inner nature is love. God is love, and we are God. We are in Gods image. Children of the whole unified spirit. It can be a choice, but it’s really a realization. The hatred was never a choice. What moved you to hatred was an idea of an absence of love, or a powerlessness of love. The belief in needing love repels the feeling of love.

What human can really affirm that a god exists? As far as proving a god consider implicate order. We can at will affirm anything, and even if there is no object of our affirmation it will still impact us.  Is that not what makes our reality?

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What means reality? Verisimilitude. A functional virtual paradigm.

Real and unreal is a mix? There is no mix. There is no duality. There is a factor in life that makes it contiguous. It’s only one. Life is consistent with itself. It can be inconsistent with our idea of it, but life is readily available inside us. Breathe. Feel your feet on the ground. All that we can do. All that we can think. Anything that we can believe is real, but it may not be with the way. We didn’t arise of ourselves. We didn’t self create. We aren’t self spawning creatures. There is something within us that is beyond us, as we label ourselves, as we seem even able to comprehend.  But it is real, and it breathes reality into our world and makes changes often despite us.

Why does this thing seem bad to me? Why does this thing let me see kids killed in wars? Why does this thing make me mad when I look at the world? Is it a good thing? It would be your view of it. I have seen a starving child smile. The facets of human behaviour are not it. I have heard of children saving their parents lives from that self same violence. One child is any child. Murder of one child is murder of a child. The spirit of one child is the spirit of innocence itself. It is very real, and even our pets can act selflessly. The impurity does not arise from the spirit I named. It arises from the ideas people have about it.

If something is here in my heart to give me love, why must I hate bad things I see? There is no must. It does not give you love. You are love. Your capacity to love is the love I speak of, and this capacity is everywhere. It is why there is any life at all.

People who can hurt a kid have love inside? Yes, and they are perverting it. Ignoring it. Love can’t make you hurt kids like that. I don’t say it does. One can murder despite love. One does not murder because of love, but consider another option. You can choose to be angry, but one can kill with no anger at all. In medieval times they had a practice called the cope de grace, the mercy blow. It was a very real fact that if denied they would endure untold agony. Denied the attention of another before they die, they would call out asking for the blow. They could not be saved this killing blow. Even in Hindu culture (which does have an old history of warfare), it often came from women, mothers, thus the destroyer role of the goddess Kali. Is it an evil to end their suffering?

The child orphaned to war isn’t weeping for their injuries or their hunger. They are weeping for the parental bond. The bond that adults believe can be severed. That they bury under ideas of love, of how it’s to be earned or of what it is and what it is not. This is adult thinking. Your anger is not the child’s anger, and as they weep your anger at their attacker will not add one more bit of good to this world.

The spirit I spoke of is real, and it runs through even that child. It isn’t the spirit that makes the child weep, it’s the ignorance of that in adults.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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