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What are you putting your attention on? That’s your intent.

Decision and Choice in Choice


People speak of good choices and bad choices, and do everyone a disservice by doing so. There are only wise choices and unwise choices in my experience. Good can arise from an unwise choice anyway, and harm can arise from a wise choice. When guided by that inner spirit, it’s a certainty. If that inner spirit is ignored nothing is defeated, and nothing destroyed, but it can be awfully stagnant.  Stagnant water, like stagnant blood, is toxic more often than not.

Understanding can affect not only what you would choose, but how others see your choices. Knowing where they’re coming from to know truly where they are going. Often someone opposes you only because they don’t know where you are coming from. Even the professionals who teach conflict resolution say this. If you don’t let people see the process you use to get somewhere, you make of yourself a strange influence and it triggers a very instinctive defensive behaviour in people. Even making the choice to not share a process can have a radical effect on how people view your choices. It is the difference between opposition and hostility, or cooperation and potentially even avid support.

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When does a choice not become a choice but an action? i.e. I don’t chose not to share the process but I don’t, so is this a choice even a not known one? A choice isn’t one until action. Otherwise it’s a decision, and decisions get made and overturned in the mental committee all the time. They lack power. You have chosen when you start going forward. Decision is more troublesome. People often from insecurity decide they need more info, and forever need more info.

I unconsciously decide on a decision, but I have actually made a choice? Possibly. If you began acting on a conclusion then yes, the decision process might have been subconscious, and isn’t necessarily invalid for being subconscious. You can often ‘feel’ those moments. It seems they have a weight to them when it becomes choice. When enough spirit builds behind it there is a lot of weight. After that you shouldn’t keep trying to decide. Just choose. When you know all of what you can, then just choose.

Many make a choice, like say a romantic partner. They choose a romantic partner then try to decide if they made the right choice, often leading to that relationship degenerating into bitterness even ending all together because by trying to decide after, they aren’t in the choice. They unchoose it.

Choices are the basis of my personal thinking, and part of why I have trouble with people. I move ahead and get called up short like being on a choke collar. When asked why I was restrained, it is often for a reason they themselves don’t even believe in. This irritates me to be honest. People like all the herd to be in the herd. They will even go so far as to punish those who merely make a choice. Then in being pulled back, you may not know where you were as your minds thoughts are somewhere else. The other in all likelihood didn’t have your best interest in mind. They were just uncomfortable because you sought change, but all life that thrives, thrives to the degree it is able to change as needed.

In the end though, do they have anyone’s interest other than their own? Not even their own actually. This is why they decided to behave that way. They don’t even fully grasp self interest. The herd isn’t a bad thing. It is perfectly fine, but a herd that wont run from wolves? A herd that stampedes at Wal-Mart? Or a herd that will allow itself to be moved into a corral to be slaughtered? Peoples spirit is being harnessed to serve a dead consensus. Institutions and beliefs that harm.

Mingle in the herd to be a light. A light to guide them from the slaughter for those who are ready.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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