'Choice' Chapter


To deify the inner self and to obviate choice is to deny the landscape of individuation. Choice is our nature, it unfolds through us. We are the creator of choice. We cannot avoid choosing.

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” Joanne Kathleen Rowling (English Writer, author of Harry Potter)

“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise.” Robert Fritz


To deify the inner self is to set it up as an unreachable God. This obviates the validity of a path of any kind. Individuated self has a place, and it isn’t some inane handout till some God gets to… Seek More

Choice Beyond Thinking

Choice seems so readily obvious. People claim to make choices, and then complain about the consequences of those choices. We make choices every day if only minor ones, but do people really choose? Do they take the action that choice… Seek More

Depression and Choice

Someone who is quite depressed is so because of how he is ‘thinking’ about the situation. He is in that. He is causing his distress and it is not the situation itself. What could be said further is to ask… Seek More

Choice in Events

If we must attribute power to events and the mechanics of life, then this suggests it is then a rule, does it not? If it’s not a rule then maybe the mechanics as we see them aren’t seen clearly? If… Seek More

Decision and Choice

People speak of good choices and bad choices, and do everyone a disservice by doing so. There are only wise choices and unwise choices in my experience. Good can arise from an unwise choice anyway, and harm can arise from… Seek More

Education to Empower

There is the fear of insecurity and to choose is to change. To choose is to admit you needed to choose. That something had to change. People fear this like it was a threat to their own lives and to… Seek More

Human Integrity

Choice is both very simple (perhaps one of the most simple things in life), and honestly also one of the most aggravating, frightening, complex things we do in life. The way we are brought up to view choice and to… Seek More

Inquiring into Choice

I feel like I never learn from unwise choices, and they keep repeating. What am I doing wrong? When a choice repeats, it isn’t from a failing on your part. You merely misunderstand the nature of the choice. You may perceive it… Seek More

Love and Hate

Inner nature is love. God is love, and we are God. We are in Gods image. Children of the whole unified spirit. It can be a choice, but it’s really a realization. The hatred was never a choice. What moved… Seek More

There is Time

There is another side to life and we all live in it, but some of us are not left to the wonderous gift of lethe. The numb balm of forgetting. You can say that my statements are delusion, but there is… Seek More