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Absolute truth speaks in silence, and none can fail to heed it’s voice.

Be There from Here in Apocalypse


Anyone like the group Blues Traveler? I will twist their lyrics a bit, but it might help this idea come a bit more clear.

Intention sits behind the world like a nervous magician waiting in the wings of a bad play. Where the heroes right, and no one thinks or expects too much, and Hollywood’s calling for the movie rights singing, Hey baby let’s keep in touch. I know whatever the waitress brings I will drink it and always be full. Can you say there is really some part of life you have absolutely no interest in?

I think it is wise to drink whatever life hands you instead of complaining to the waitress so that she will spit in the next thing she serves you. Oh, I like coffee and I like tea, but to be able to enter a final plea, people ask for things without thinking about what they are really saying. They ask for an outcome and often get it, but the consequences are not what they intended. They ask for someone sitting next to them in the car to be quiet while they drive, and then miss their exit. This beginning to describe real life any better?

Such is the life of a wife. It can be a husband. I don’t drive our car, but my wife also doesn’t ask me to be quiet either.

Oh, all right, okay, so be that way. I hope and pray there’s something left to say… Oh you, why you always give me the run around. You think there’s a sure fire way to speed things up, but all you do is slow me down. Can you get anywhere life doesn’t take you? Seriously, can you get anywhere that life doesn’t take you? Can you say events actually take you anywhere?

You can go your own way. You can go your own way? Did you really create the road less traveled?

I think you can take control of the reins and ride life, but you have to take good care of her. Water and groom her constantly, and keep her well fed, otherwise she will buck you and you will land in a pile of manure. Excellent. Life is indeed willing to cooperate with you, but it’s an important question. Can an event take you anywhere?

Not by itself. I need to be willing to go there otherwise the event repeats. So it can if I let it? You need to be willing to see the intention that leads to the event. The event itself doesn’t take you anywhere. It is nothing more or less than where you are. Wherever you intend to go in life, you can’t get there from here. Strange, no?

You can’t get there from here? Exactly. As you look around where you are, and think about the situation you are in, you won’t find any evidence of permission for what you intended. It will look like your intention just isn’t in the picture.

Can we not learn to travel the metaphysical plane of possibilities to travel with our psychic feet? Yes. You can’t get there from here, but you can be there from here.

With intention? Yes, and there is no such thing as pure intention. You can’t keep your intention separate from anyone else’s.

So it happens, but the way it happens might not be what you expected? Yes. You can’t read events from current events. This is why people so often say they didn’t intend to do something or they didn’t see a situation coming.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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