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Hurting can be healing and if the center of the person is whole, then all it is is healing.

Intention Is Always There in Apocalypse


Does the world look like we intended it to?

Perhaps describing my own apocalypse… Seen from a strictly autobiographical view, my life has not really ever gone as I intended it to. I have had one failure after another, and my list of substantial accomplishments is from my point of view non-existent. The more I have tried to look at my life this way, the more meaningless it has looked. Random and empty, hopeless. But I do have another way of looking at my life, and it’s the way life seems to force me to look every time I begin to forget.

My life has involved contact with many other lives, and I have experienced the intentions of a great many people of all apparent natures. I have known people who were judged insane, and who showed me the greatest of human compassion and tolerance. I have experienced the intentions of people who were considered normal, and even respectable, who served as incredible forces of destruction and left bleeding emotional wounds on anyone they came very close to. I have known a great many people, who wanted only what they thought would be the peace of a normal life, suffer all the anguish of those figures you see on old paintings of souls in hell. As I have watched all these intentions (as they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions), I have seen the causes of events play out fairly clearly. This world is as people intend it to be, but the problem is the intentions are actually not good.

Anyone knit or crochet or something like that? How do you know when you have good thread?

Strong and straight, no knots. Spirited and clear. Passionate and responsive to tension. If it can’t take tension it will make a poor sweater won’t it? People resist every tension. They judge every force in their world as a threat. Everything is the enemy. Everything a threat, perhaps not unlike the dog that snarls every time you put your hand anywhere near their food bowl. Are many people really any different than this? How do your friends respond when your intention touches them? How many intentions that others have held for you have you been able to allow?

Here is a simple example by way of metaphor. Let’s say you are a coffee drinker, and I intend you to have coffee right now. What would your response to that be? I do believe it’s possible you would accept my intention and have some coffee, but with no resistance at all? How much resistance do you experience and how does that compare to your acceptance?

I’d have to think if I had a taste for coffee or not at that moment. Yes. You consider yourself as object. You believe that there is an objective order, a reality that you have to be true to. You think you have to have a taste for coffee to accept the intention to have coffee.

I’d think that a trusted friend is trying to be hospitable, and I would gladly accept with a smile even if I didn’t want coffee because the friendship is much more important than my petty desires at the time. Aha, that is an alternate view, the intentional rather than the objective.

You might go and just sit with them and not drink anything. Possible, but their intention is always there. Can you ignore other people’s intentions without consequence?

My metaphor might not speak to you, but my point is, what if you accepted the intention for later? Like putting aside thread for later when you are actually going to add it to the sweater. You have red thread, and you intend to use it, but what about the green?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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