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I will offer that there is no mystery in human behavior, just the schism between light and darkness that we create. All behavior arises from the same life force whether we judge the outcome as good or bad.

Tapestry of Causes in Apocalypse


Perhaps it’s time I got to my point. I will use the apocalypse of Biblical antiquity as a metaphor, the great flood.

We are immersed in a flowing reality. We are not adrift. Our spirits are in their very nature able to move with this reality. In fact, they embody it. It is their very breath, their blood, their heart beat. Everything that we perceive to be happening will pass, because it’s outward manifestation is not the evidence of what caused it to happen in the first place. What causes anything to happen occurs on a level of intention or spirit.

We float in the universe of nothingness along with the sun and stars? We float in a universe of everythingness. The apple is a donkey, is a shrub, is maggots, is gas floating in the air. This is why things seem to change no matter what we do. It’s necessary. It’s the essence of life.

We are talking about the process of revelation which is what the word apocalypse means. Everything is ending because everything is beginning. Intention isn’t as simple and floaty as people often portray it.

Is a thread the same thing as a tapestry? You experience the power of intention all the time, though perhaps not fully at every moment, and perhaps that isn’t even necessary. But if you look at your life as two threads, what you intended, and what actually happened, would you say they were disconnected from each other? Could they be? Can you take action outside of your intention?

People do it all the time. Acting without intentionality. Acting without giving thought to repercussions. Ah, intention is thought? Can we actually foresee outcomes?

I act based on my intentions, however sometimes things don’t turn out the way I intend. I think because I lacked understanding. When we try to understand something, what is it we are examining?

Cause and effect? Perhaps effect and effect? Can we see patterns in effect after effect? Event after event? People often describe life as being random. Many scientists firmly believe it is.

The intention behind my questions is to trace a line across the ground I am trying to share with others so they can follow to another view point, and either remain or go back to where they started if they choose.

Whatever you do may not turn out the way you intended, but it often does turn out how someone else intended. So what would the world look like if we looked at it not as effect after effect but as a tapestry of causes? Look at not only our own thread of intention, but try to include as many intentions in our observation as possible? Would it look like our own world?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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