'Apocalypse' Chapter


Apocalypse, or lifting of the veil, is always possible. We have a heavy emotional investment in our own beliefs. Apocalypse happens when those beliefs develop cracks and this revelation often never surfaces on a conscious level. What allows renewal, or the rebirth of the phoenix, is the realization that life is death, and when you hold to specific events you lose the opportunity to engage in what is going on behind all of these seemingly real and solid events.

We float in a universe of everythingness. The apple is a donkey, is a shrub, is maggots, is gas floating in the air. This is why things seem to change no matter what we do. It’s necessary. It’s the essence of life.

“It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.” REM

“I sat in the dark and thought: There’s no big apocalypse. Just an endless procession of little ones.” Neil Gaiman, Signal to Noise

Lifting of the Veil

Shall we discuss apocalypse? It’s a Greek word the same as the word sin, and just like the word sin it’s typically misunderstood in the English speaking world. It means “lifting of the veil.” It’s a reference to having visions.… Seek More

Life is Death

There is an interesting variant model of the observer effect. It’s called the quantum zeno effect. The quantum zeno effect runs along the lines of “an observed particle never decays.” Which, if taken back to today’s subject of apocalypse, means… Seek More

Ultimate Apocalypse

Are you familiar with the Marquis Desade? On the surface, his philosophical insights were valid were they not? He basically believed that you didn’t see someone’s true character until you witnessed them in hardship or suffering. The reason being that… Seek More

Tapestry of Causes

Perhaps it’s time I got to my point. I will use the apocalypse of Biblical antiquity as a metaphor, the great flood. We are immersed in a flowing reality. We are not adrift. Our spirits are in their very nature… Seek More

Intention Is Always There

Does the world look like we intended it to? Perhaps describing my own apocalypse… Seen from a strictly autobiographical view, my life has not really ever gone as I intended it to. I have had one failure after another, and… Seek More

Be There from Here

Anyone like the group Blues Traveler? I will twist their lyrics a bit, but it might help this idea come a bit more clear. Intention sits behind the world like a nervous magician waiting in the wings of a bad… Seek More

Be It Now

If you want to achieve anything great, stop asking permission. If you want to achieve something great, be something great. Be it now, because every intention around you is formed in the same context as is yours. You are riding a… Seek More

Achieve You

The apocalypse is now. All events have ended now. All stories have ended now, and everything begins now. This is once upon a time. All creation is going on right now. All events you will know in your life have… Seek More