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Will matters and your will is free.

Achieve You in Apocalypse


The apocalypse is now. All events have ended now. All stories have ended now, and everything begins now. This is once upon a time.

All creation is going on right now. All events you will know in your life have happened right now. This is why your life can seem so predictable, because you believe the events are real and the intentions are not.

If events were real, they would be immortal. It’s what people think they want, the immortal event. But as Stephen King said, hell is repetition. This is perhaps why they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. People keep trying to create the immortal event. They are passionately pursuing the biggest lie, the most horrible delusion, and not engaging the reality that is actually there.

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People shouldn’t bother with “success” or “happiness.” These are meaningless abstract notions. We just need to move, to breathe, to touch and be touched, to see and be seen. You want something to achieve. I can give you that right now, and in all your future nows. Ready?

Achieve you. Be upset at things and pleased by things. Help people, and flip someone off who cuts you off in traffic.

Be selfish and greedy. Yes, then give it all away later.

Achieve you. Your event has ended, perhaps you have begun. Like the samurai, you are already dead. You might as well live now. You have already failed, might as well just do it. The apocalypse has already happened, now what?

There will be another one along shortly. Exactly. Everything can go wrong and will. Life is outrageously funny, entirely absurd, and deeply meaningful. What makes it any of these things?

Please remember to keep your personal belongings with you at all times. Any unattended items will be blown up. Exactly. You just stated it perfectly. Your personal belongings are what you observe. The quantum zeno effect is full force. The observed particle never decays. What you are looking at is what you will continue to see.

Lifting of the veils is always possible. Apocalypse can always be now which means all the arguments are invalid, and since all arguments are invalid, now what? Remember to claim your baggage from the carrousel. What clown mask you wear is your choice. Eat all the cookies ever for tomorrow you die. Carnivale means farewell to the flesh, and it came about because people would eat all their goodies before lent. Because for the period of lent they would leave them all alone. You know for a fact that the cookies always wind up gone. The milk is always drunk.

Carnivale was the time to indulge in food, sex and booze. Yes. Whatever you would miss when you had to leave it alone.

Mardi gras, right? Yes, and there are even special societies based around the carnivale season. This is what our current carnival phenomenon is a debased version of. These societies put together a theme for the carnival. It had a message, a spirit. Your life is like that. This is why parade floats seem to tell a story. The events in your life are parade floats kept in the shed of your memory. How have you been arranging them?

I hope there was something of value in my words. I think I will talk my wife into going out, our own little mini carnival.

What you’re looking at you won’t be able to change. But you’ll be able to create what you intend. Look at problems, keep your problems. Change your action, change your problems. Change your actions with intention.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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