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Life looks like a path made of doors, until you realize that you don’t even have to enter the prison in the first place.

Life is Death in Apocalypse


There is an interesting variant model of the observer effect. It’s called the quantum zeno effect. The quantum zeno effect runs along the lines of “an observed particle never decays.” Which, if taken back to today’s subject of apocalypse, means that we often don’t experience renewal because we continue to intend the existence of the conditions that we are experiencing, even those we consider disastrous.

In voodoo, the loa Papa Legba is considered the intermediary between the other loa spirits and humanity, but he has a weird quirk about him. Whatever you ask him for he gives you the opposite. Seems strange, no? Doesn’t life seem to work like that in a lot of ways? There is a reason why, and just a side note… The reason voodoo works with loa spirits is because they believe that this world and humanity couldn’t handle direct contact with the absolute divinity. So the loa serve as advocates between the absolute and humanity because they are more like humanity than is the absolute divinity.

Isn’t that also connected to the Christian idea of Saint. Jesus as intermediary too? Yes, and this belief is held in Judaism also. But ultimately we have a heavy emotional investment in our own beliefs. Even people who believe they don’t have beliefs are heavily invested in their personal interpretation of any experience. You cannot experience something and not have beliefs about it.

Apocalypse happens when those beliefs develop cracks, when the foundation is shown to be faulty. But because people would rather believe in their conclusions and attitudes then face the experience of an uncertain reality, this revelation often never surfaces on a conscious level. You continue to observe the things you believe in, so you continue to experience them as “real.”

It often takes multiple consecutive blows. Hitting rock bottom as it is sometimes said. What allows renewal, or the rebirth of the phoenix, is this. The realization that life is death / change and when you hold to specific events you lose the opportunity to engage in what is going on behind all of these seemingly real and solid events.

What leads you to have lunch? Did the existence of lunch lead you to have lunch? Did the existence of food lead you to have food? The spirit or process behind eating leads one to actually eat.

The hunger told me I needed food. Yes, and the hunger came about because the previous not hungry state has no independent existence. Hungry and not hungry are parts of the same thing.

When you feed a baby you set a routine, right? In a sense, yes, but nature set a cycle before you set any routines. This is why the baby cries out to be fed in the first place.

The baby will feel hungry at the same time during the day and night. It knows the feeling of the food being late? It doesn’t know that feeling. There is no feeling of the food being late because there is no feeling in clocks, just cycles in feeling.

The brain has a clock though? The brain has a rhythm, and its rhythm adjusts according to a set of things. It doesn’t keep mechanical time.

More like dance steps on the floor. Yes, musical more than abstract.

Now it isn’t wrong for us to believe in events. If we couldn’t clearly understand what it is to eat we might be at serious risk. We would perhaps instead think we were sick instead of hungry, and try to purge our stomach instead of fill it. I visualize what a gruesome situation that would be.

This reminds me of a story I heard about the holocaust. They used to starve the prisoners and then give them loads and loads of food to eat and that killed them in a very horrible way. Yes. Many really sadistic things were done, but the shadows of that sadism are with us everywhere.

They would gorge themselves. Your body reacts to the shock of the food being brought back. Yes. It treats it as a toxin. It has to be introduced slowly building up the “immunity” to food again.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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