'Voodoo' Chapter


Voodoo is a belief misunderstood. It originates from the Fon word Voudon which means: the power; that who is invisible; the creator of all things. It is the infusion of Traditional African beliefs with Catholicism.

Voodoo is basically African shamanism. In the world of voodoo, any domain of life you personally live in and anything you are working with has a spirit. This is why it exists.

“My grandfather was a voodoo priest. A lot of my life dealt with spirituality. I can close my eyes and remember where I come from.” Wyclef Jean

Voodoo Practice

Voodoo is basically African Shamanism. There was a first great spirit, the source of all life and creation, but he created the world not as separate from himself but as an act of self expression. Dancing. As he revealed more… Seek More

Relationship with Spirit

I wonder how Machiavelli would be seen back in the day? As you know, Machiavelli had considerable influence as a strategist, but not much virtue. His power came from “not revealing the rules of the game”, and for supposedly not… Seek More

Ritual Path

There are basically two ritual paths, and you will find one or the other in any faith. An exoteric path and an esoteric. An ecstatic path or a contemplative, same thing. Though one is seen as holy and is approved,… Seek More

Voodoo & Hoodoo

Some topics I do require some anchor in peoples personal experience. I have no intention of beating around the bush as they say. I just have to have the groundwork for the main ideas to make sense. So shall we… Seek More

Voodoo Roots

Does voodoo have Spanish roots? Santeria does. How old is voodoo? Vodun has prehistoric roots tracing back to the oldest oral traditions of the people of Benin and surrounding regions, but some form of Catholicism is incorporated into many of… Seek More

Harnessing Ashe

Voodoo must have some pretty powerful magick, things that should not be attempted by just anyone. Voodoo dolls can be seriously harmful, right? The voodoo doll by itself is harmless. The voodoo priest/priestess or hoodoo man or woman needs powerful… Seek More

Master of the Head

In Voodoo, they call ones patron loa “master of the head”, and even if you aren’t called upon to be a priest or anything, they still often identify a master of the head for a person. Is “master of the… Seek More

Voodoo Thought

Perhaps some clarification of Voodoo thought as it relates to the Bible. Some of the Voodoo practices that are seen as so sinister have regular precedent in the Old Testament, even in the New Testament and in those books the… Seek More