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The great prophets were described as madmen.

Author Of Causes in Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Do any of my thoughts actually come from my brain? Originate in your brain in the literal sense? Even science says no.

That would be like getting something from nothing? Yes. That’s the secondary purpose of the brain, as a memory medium, either genetic or quantum or something else. But most psychology is based on the assumption that the function of your mind and the patterns of your thoughts are mostly genetic which means they don’t originate from your brain. They even have a word for it in India. The collective memory that’s referenced by the third eye. They call it the akashic record. They believe that much of what governs our behaviour originates from this source of memory. This is why they say you can’t avoid your karma. It’s hardwired into your consciousness. You don’t at first know any better.

Are blockages in the third eye also causing stress, depression, psychosis, mental disorder? Yes. They influence all planning and processing.

So if people act horrible, are they referencing the collective memory too? They are referencing the collective memory, but the focus of your attention is still entirely yours to direct. Where you direct your minds eye dictates what part of the shared consciousness, and thus reality, you activate for yourself.

Like searching for bad websites on the internet? Yes. You still control your inner browser, or at least can.

This doesn’t negate free will? It doesn’t negate free will at all. Errors arise easily. People tend to make any powerful intelligence into a God, and assume the first one they encounter is God.

We can take it in. Can we modify it and put it back into the record? Indeed, because our attention is a broadcast energy. It’s our own signal of consciousness. Our mental radio frequency.

So we are constantly writing to the collective record? We are indeed.

This is perhaps our purpose here. To refine the record? Exactly.

The way God evolves itself. Yes, and time is an illusion. Even your present moment awareness is just a memory or delayed registration of what your eyes and ears originally picked up. Each time you reference some event from what you think of as your past, you change it even if only just a little. The experience of an event is said to change in hindsight as they call it. It clarifies.

Your future as well? That does affect your future, because whenever you plan and whenever you spontaneously react to anything, it’s your memory that triggers the response, gives you the emotion, tells you something is scary or that it’s okay, or even that it’s an opportunity to do something better.

If you dream about your future, can you change it? You automatically change your future by dreaming about it. Dreaming doesn’t include one future, but countless futures. The reason you remember only one of those futures is because it was likely the most emotional one. Emotion makes us remember things better.

Future and past are an outgrowth of what some scientists call strange attractor patterns. Structures that arise in what is otherwise a chaotic field of being and tend to reproduce themselves across the entire field like the aftershocks of an earthquake or magnetic spikes during a solar storm. It happens on a smaller scale as well. This process is also sometimes called formative causation. Our science describes energy dynamics at least reasonably effectively, but it fails to explain form or time. These are written into our genetic make up, our neurological development as well, and tell us everything from when we are hungry to when we would really like to change the television channel. This is why our mind often seems to have a mind of its own, and why sometimes things seem entirely unreal like we just make it all up in our heads.

The common mistake is to assume that because it’s in our minds, it’s unreal, or that we can find causes in effects. Our thinking is just a long string of special effects. Our mind, or soul if you prefer, is the author of causes, or can be if we awaken to it. The deep feelings we have that make us think that we can change reality, that there should be something more than this, these are just the tinglings of the arms and limbs of the inner mind. The soul that exists beyond the body. It doesn’t free you from the body, because it was for it’s purpose that our body came into being in the first place.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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