'Third Eye Chakra' Chapter

Third Eye Chakra

The sixth or third eye chakra is not a single chakra as much as a unified field generated by a set of chakras. It’s the linking point between your mind and your brain. The primary function is the projection of your perceptual filters onto your outside experience. Our thinking is just a long string of special effects. Our mind, or soul if you prefer, is the author of causes, or can be if we awaken to it.

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Integrative Function

Today we are talking about what is commonly called the third eye. Though the ajna chakra itself includes the entire frontal lobe and is the seat of consciousness as we know it normally, the fundamental understanding to be had about… Seek More

Third Eye Training

You don’t need to be psychic to have an active third eye. In fact, everyone’s third eye is really very active. Perhaps the primary function it fills in most people is the projection of their perceptual filters onto their outside… Seek More

Basis Of Knowing

What does the third eye enable you to see exactly? Is it like a door to another dimension? Good question. Actually, the third eye just sees more deeply into reality around us. We train our perception to eliminate a lot… Seek More

Inner Eye Sight

Much of what we are now discovering is factual, and even material data was originally intuited far earlier. I will ask, how was this possible? They had more developed third eyes? They were less confined by logic? They favoured two… Seek More

Author Of Causes

Do any of my thoughts actually come from my brain? Originate in your brain in the literal sense? Even science says no. That would be like getting something from nothing? Yes. That’s the secondary purpose of the brain, as a… Seek More

Human Potential

How do we tune in to the collective memory? You tune into the collective memory by tuning into bodily experience, by opening to the cycles of nature. The stimulation we get from the sun and the weather, from bird song… Seek More