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A weight can be a lightening of existence. Chains can be freedom. The prisoner knows what freedom is clearly.

Basis Of Knowing in Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

What does the third eye enable you to see exactly? Is it like a door to another dimension? Good question. Actually, the third eye just sees more deeply into reality around us. We train our perception to eliminate a lot of what we sense early on. We get into patterns of strained focus that in time stop feeling strained. It can even require stress to interrupt in extreme cases. Our external reality is a composite of multiple dimensions, about ten. In Kabbalah, they call them the sephira.

So it’s more of a heightened insight and contact with things we already know but can’t get in touch with? Exactly. It’s the basis of knowing. The reason we often know things without knowing why we know.

In the European renaissance Descartes believed the third eye, or then so called pineal gland, connects the physical realm with the non physical realm. Nowadays string theory assumes twelve dimensions. Good point, and beyond the ten spheres of “normal” reality they do have threshold states though they differ in describing what might be beyond that threshold. People fear the unknown. Strangely, they do themselves more harm by exerting their minds in the constant strain it takes to supposedly stay anchored. What they consider grounded and down to earth.

Is there actually a threshold or does it rather all hang together? It does indeed hang together. The perceptual threshold is described as a veil. Perhaps a manifestation of curved space time.

All of our capacity for thought arises from our capacity to sense or perceive. You cannot think of something outside of a sensory framework, and our mind will create metaphors to translate stimulation into an intelligible form. This comes up when they experiment with brain surgery patients and stimulate regions of their brain with mild electrical current. Well, even stranger energies than the photo-electrical and electromagnetic spectrum effect our nervous system.

My point about linking thought to sensation is this. The objects of thought are like phantom images of deeper and more complex presences in our external reality. We are just perceiving things in a dilated way, like looking at reality though binoculars backwards, or through a fish eye lens.

So all my thoughts are real things that my mind is just perceiving and translating to my brain. And being non-local phenomenon, they may be emerging as constructs of states of being or activity we consider internal. We “see” inside our body. We also see inside other peoples bodies as well. This is why the mirroring response can kick in even without overt sensations to pick up on.

Theory of mind does not refer to them as phantom images. They rather call them mental representations, but can we really go beyond representations? What comes first, mind or matter or information. Without mind we cannot perceive anything. But matter composes things and information arranges things. I somehow think human beings are still too incomplete to solve the quest for reality. I agree with you. This is why I function not from an idea of absolute reality, but finding an optimal “virtual” reality. A fuller range of perceptual and cognitive tools so that we can embrace what measure of reality is possible given our limitations. I don’t advocate any single practice as the one proper way of development either. I strongly suggest that each persons developmental needs are rather individual.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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