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Flying in Spirit in Flying


Do you have flying dreams? In the dream did the flight feel like defying gravity, or more like an immersion in something else? Like a force acting on you rather than flying by some force of will or by any act of thinking?

Well, the dreams behave that way for a reason. They aren’t “just dreams.” The terrain of your dreams is aligned according to principles that go well beyond your personal experience. The falling or flying are also the same. They are a drawing on our locus of awareness by forces we are connected to.

Can you remember where you went when you fell? Off a cliff. It is still aloft. It was a change of your relationship to the “ground” state.

Can you remember where you went when you rose? Not the place, but it was open and I was trying to reach someone. He was trying to help me there. An early flight. These spaces can often seem very open because in truth they aren’t defined by space at all.

Navigating a spiritual flight is more about relation to things, and one of the first things to see is your “ground” state. You may feel you ground where “everybody is” but there is no one place everybody is. Everybody is everywhere.

How to find your ground state? Just like in waking life we “move” in relationship to points of relating. The sky as a symbol can be a point of relating, resonance. It’s like finding the mythological echo. Each soul is like a voice. They spread so they can seem to loose there source, but you can track an echo not by its location, but by its qualities. Our directional sense of sound and even of light is poor to non existent, but we have a sense of where it is by the quality of how it strikes us.

To know your spiritual ground, you can see it in its physical metaphor. You will be drawn for no rational reason to specific places for their qualities. You might even be startled at where you feel drawn to.  For me, I’m drawn to places of what many find questionable qualities; swamps, graveyards, caves. Something in my spirit calls me there, and I am comforted like a fish put back in water. Something in me seizes on those qualities and thrives there.

Has anyone found themselves in a place almost randomly, and for no reason felt they belonged there?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Trilby Minotaur

    That’s interesting about falling and flying being the same thing. I’m drawn to deserts, granite boulders, and places with windswept twisted trees.

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