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I think therefore I think. I think too much. Egad! I can’t stop thinking.

Contact in Spirit in Flying


In the spiritual realm, the center of the persons spirit creates a zone around them. I call this the logos. In the Bible they say in the beginning was the word, and the word was God and was with God. I paraphrase, but in the beginning God spoke and it came to pass. It came into creation. We all do that. As our inner beings speak, it creates the realm we know as our mind, but it has much more substance. Even the capacity for memory exists for reasons beyond organic brain function. The coherence of sensory data. The ability of the mind to form these analogs to our waking experience, it isn’t coincidence. On the level of the spirit as you “draw near” to another you will find your own inner dialogue changing. It’s like trying to count when someone else is keeping a different count. It can be very disorienting.

Now this dissonance need not happen, but it is generally what keeps these zones separate. This is the reason Zen teaches the transcendence of language. The seemingly anti-intellectual and perhaps nihilistic view is really just delineating the restriction your own language puts on you. Not that it’s bad of its own, but the spirit realm parallels the material and the material the spirit. That barrier I described has very material impact.

The “net” is sort of like the matrix. It is a virtual space, not literal and is why people often get lost when they first experience that level of reality. They expect the material bearings of near and far to exist. They only superficially exist even in the physical world. This is why often when you are thinking of another (person or place), as your mind shifts out of your internal dialogue you often “see” the person or place.

Time and space are a function of mind. You are in no way separate from anything you perceive as removed, other than by your perception of the distance. The view makes it real, and flight happens when you see that you can change your relating. Often flight happens when dreamers realize that the seeming space they are in is “subjective”. In truth, all space is subjective.

You haven’t seen the other logos. When you see your label of the other, you will know you see the other. When the labels, the images, the symbols seem to follow a different context not your own, because you will be moving into their world, their space. Anyone experience a shared dream?

The context when two meet often starts out differently. You move from the locus or center of your awareness, and eventually you synchronize. You do even if flying while awake. You are never really not dreaming. When awake it’s just a specialized dreaming.

You can come at things from opposite perspectives as another, and you can see the same thing because there is a real terrain to be seen. The influence of perception makes translations more obviously there than here, but makes them here also. Much of what happens here is translated over. Ka is the name of the agent that does that in the spirit. At least the Egyptian name for it.

The myths as told have no “real” substance, but they have real essence. This is what the spirit realm deals with, essences. What Jung called the collective unconscious is the spirit world itself. The archetypes are the terrain and more. Not only of the logos, but they form a shared architecture of the grand spirit. The chorus of which, each logos is just a tone.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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